This could be the most important week in fantasy football. In most leagues, week 13 is the last week before the playoffs begin.

Now is when the fantasy players must take a complete balance of their list, especially if this is the last week in which they can claim the players of the exemptions.

If you mostly start the same players week after week, having 2-3 backup copies in each position is not important. What is important is to claim the obvious backup copies for your posts. Pittsburgh runner James Conner is a must for the owners of Le & # 39; Veon Bell. Like Aaron Ekeler for the Chargers who control the owners of Melvin Gordon. You expect to never start Conner or Ekeler, but at least you know if Bell or Gordon fall, you have the backup.

If your league does not allow claims during the playoffs, you should seriously consider not only claiming a substitute quarterback, but also a kicker and / or tight end. Enlisting two kickers is not ideal, but the last thing you want is for your kicker to get hurt in week 13, which forces you to take a zero in the position during the playoffs.

Even if you think your roster is perfect, check to see what your closest competitor needs. Maybe they are short players in a certain position and there is a clear cut player available in that position in the resignation wire. Well, if you are ahead of them in the claim order or have more money to spend on your free agent acquisition budget (FAAB), do not be afraid to chase that player away from them. It does not matter that you do not start that player, only that your opponent wanted it. Sometimes playing defense is the best offense and it does not matter how you win your fantasy league (as long as you follow all the rules).


ROD SMITH, RB, Dallas Cowboys (25 percent ownership))

There's nothing really wrong with the way Alfred Morris is playing, but there's one thing he does not do well. He is not a good pbad receiver from the backfield and Dallas is lately falling behind early and often needs a defense that he can run and receive. That turn is Smith now that Darren McFadden has been released. On the McFadden theme, look where it lands this week. He could have some value if he ended up with the right team (Seattle?).

JAMES CONNER, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers (17 percent)

As mentioned above, this is all about insurance in case you own Bell. The Steelers did not hesitate to use Bell (a free agent after the season) and have been injured in previous seasons, so another injury is certainly not out of the question.

JACQUIZZ RODGERS, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7) percent)

If you are wondering who will be the best option to remove the exemption cable this week, you can stop here. Doug Martin suffered a concussion on Sunday and seems questionable at best to play in Week 13. There is not really a timeline when it comes to concussions. Some players recover quickly, while others do not. If Martin can not play for a long time, then Rodgers would start with TB and, as we know, all titular RBs have value.

MIKE DAVIS, RB, Seattle Seahawks (3 percent)

The Hawks have been & # 39; I was able to run the ball with any kind of consistency throughout the season. Davis had some success in Week 11 before leaving with a groin injury and missing Week 12. Coach Pete Carroll has already stated that Davis will return for the game on Sunday against Philadelphia. It is true that it is not the best confrontation on the board, but why leave a possible initial RB for someone else to get hold of?

TYRELL WILLIAMS, WR, Los Angeles Chargers (19 percent)

Phillip Rivers is smoking a lot right now. Keenan Allen can not keep up with the pace he is in because the defensive coordinators will try to stop him either by bracketing or a safety play at the top. With Mike Williams out with a knee injury, Tyrell should see nothing more than individual coverage from now on and has the ability to make big plays.

RICKY SEALS-JONES, TE, Arizona Cardinals (4 percent)

It's hard to explain Seals-Jones' success in the last two games. This is a player who was not on anyone's fantasy radar with the possible exception of QB Blaine Gabbert. Since Gabbert took over the starting job, Seals-Jones has been attacked 11 times in two games and has scored three times. That's enough for the fantasy world to take notice and possibly even start it.


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