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  • The World Health Organization has recorded a record-breaking number of coronovirus cases worldwide, with at least 307,930 cases confirmed in just one day.

  • Victoria is the second most populous state in Australia and the center of the country’s coronovirus outbreak, with 35 new cases reported – the lowest daily increase in three months.

  • According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 28.8 million people have been diagnosed with coronovirus worldwide and more than 922,000 have died. About 19.5 million people have been recovered.

Here are the latest updates:

Monday, September 14

02:01 GMT – Saudi to lift international ban on Tuesday

Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry has announced that it will partially ban international flights starting on Tuesday, six months after the travel ban was imposed due to the epidemic.

After 1 January, Saud will also end all restrictions on air, land and sea transport for Saudi citizens, but the exact date will be announced later in December.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, non-Saudi residents with valid travel documents can enter Saudi as long as they are free of the virus.

01:42 GMT – 21 September to pick up most of New Zealand’s coronavirus virus

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday that the country’s coronavirus restrictions would be lifted on 21 September, except for its largest city, Auckland, which is the center of a second wave of infection.

Ordering said Auckland’s sanctions would be reviewed next week.

01:25 GMT – Trump indoor rally plan signals virus warning

Supporters of US President Donald Trump, many not wearing masks, gather for an indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada, despite warnings about mass gatherings [Jonathan Ernst/Reuters]

US President Donald Trump was due to hold his first fully indoor rally in the state of Nevada in months, but officials warned that coronavirus restrictions on crowd size could be violated.

Indoor rallies during the epidemic have proved problematic for Trump, who was heavily criticized one after another in June, which was later linked to a spike in virus cases.

According to news agency Reuters, organizers for Sunday’s rally in Henderson’s Nevada city rebuffed local officials, who are not confirming events with more than 50 people.

01:02 GMT – South Korea records new cases with 109 tests positive

South Korea’s Coronavirus Surveillance Agency reported at least 109 COVID-19 cases on Monday – the 12th straight day that the infection was below 200.

Yonhap quoted the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency that as of the new cases reported, 98 were of domestic origin, 22,285 in total.

There were also five more deaths than three on Sunday, raising the death toll to 363.

00:45 GMT – Mexico’s Coronavirus killed around 71,000

Mexico’s Ministry of Health has reported 4,408 new coronovirus cases and 217 additional deaths, taking the total number of infections to 668,381 and killing 70,821 people.

The government has said that the actual number of people infected is more than confirmed cases, and the country has reported more than 120,000 deaths in recent months.

00:10 GMT – Victoria, Australia saw the lowest increase in COVID-19 cases

Victoria, the second most populous country in Australia and the country’s center of coronovirus outbreaks, reported the lowest number of new cases in three months.

State rOn Monday, 35 new cases were reported, and seven deaths occurred.

Melbourne has begun to ease some restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease. Residents are now allowed to spend an additional two hours outside each day, and the city’s controversial nighttime curfew has been reduced to under an hour.

00:05 GMT – The WHO report records a one-day increase in more than 307,000 cases

The World Health Organization has recorded another record-breaking number of coronovirus cases worldwide, with at least 307,930 cases a day.

The previous record by the WHO was 306,857 on 6 September.

India, the United States and Brazil posted the most cases on Sunday with over 94,300 reported cases. A resurgence of cases has also been seen in Europe.

India - Coronavirus

India, the United States and Brazil posted the highest number of cases, reporting over 94,300 cases on Sunday. [Divyakant Solanki/EPA]

00:01 GMT – Greece reports 207 new COVID-19 cases as it prepares to reopen schools

Greek health authorities have reported 207 new coronovirus cases, including 29 infections from abroad, with three more fatalities, as the country prepares to reopen its schools on Monday.

There are now 13,240 total cases and 305 deaths. Of the total cases, around three-quarters were recorded in August with an age of 39 years. Meanwhile, among mortality, the average age is 78.


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