WHO issues new clinical advice to treat COVID-19 patients

FILE PHOTO: Geneva, Switzerland, a logo has been photographed outside a World Health Organization (WHO) building during an executive board meeting on February 6, 2020, for information about outbreaks of coronovirus. REUTERS / Dennis Balibisian / File photo

GENEVA (Reuters) – The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday issued fresh clinical advice for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, including those showing persistent symptoms after recovery, adding that blood clots To prevent, it is recommended to use low-dose anti-coagulants.

“Other things that are new in the guidance are that pulse oximetry should be used in COVID-19 patients at home, which is measuring oxygen levels, so you can identify if something is going bad at home and Hospital care would be better, WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris told a UN briefing in Geneva.

The WHO advised physicians to keep patients in an awake prone position, on their front, shown to improve oxygen flow, he said.

“In addition, we suggest the use of low-dose anti-coagulants to prevent blood clots in the blood vessels. We suggest using a lower dose instead of a higher dose because higher doses may cause other problems, ”Harris said.

He said a WHO-led team of independent experts, currently in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the first human cases were detected in December 2019, quarantined over the next two days to further their work with Chinese researchers The reason for leaving. Origin of virus

He began to create a furore over reports of a delay in the roll-out of the vaccine in the European Union. She said she has no specific data and WHO’s priority is for health workers in all countries to get vaccinated in the first 100 days of the year.

AstraZeneca, which developed its shot with the Austrian University, told the European Union on Friday that it could not meet the agreed supply targets by the end of March.

Reporting by Stephanie Nebe and Emma Farge


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