Who is Wayne Couzens’s wife? Ukrainian-British scientist Elena Couzens suspected in Sarah Everard kidnapping

Elena Couzens, Wayne Couzens’ wife, has been arrested on suspicion of aiding in the kidnapping of Sarah Everard. Everard was abducted in South London on March 3 and her remains were found in Kent on March 12. The mystery of his abduction dominates the British news, given that Wayne is an officer of the Metropolitan Police.

Elena is a British-Ukrainian scientist who married Wayne in 2006. She was arrested by the police on March 9 and later released on bail. The couple have two children together.


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Wayne and Elena Couzens (Conan Daily)

Who is Elena Couzens?

Elena Sukhoreba Couzens was born and raised in Ukraine. She has a degree in biochemistry from the University of Donetsk. After graduating in 2003, Elana began working as a laboratory technician in Ukraine before moving to the UK. In 2006, she married Wayne after the couple met online. She gave birth to a daughter in 2010 and a son in 2012. After moving to the UK, Sarah first worked at a Boots optician store in Canterbury, Kent.

At the time of her arrest, the 38-year-old was working for Medical Engineering Technologies Limited, an engineering company in Dover, Kent. There seemed to be nothing extraordinary about the couple, who lived in Freemen’s Way, Deal, Kent. Elena was described as “talkative” by neighbors, but did not speak English very well according to her landlady.

The family visited Ukraine in 2017 and Dubai in 2019. Elena’s mother, Nina Sukhoreba, is a retired teacher who lives in Kirovograd, 185 miles south of Kiev.

Everard’s disappearance remains a mystery

Everard’s high-profile case has gripped the nation since his mysterious disappearance on March 3. The current theory is that Wayne, an officer with the Diplomatic and Parliamentary Protection Command, used his identification to lure Everard in before abducting her. It is unclear what role, if any, Elena played in the horrific incident. Everard’s remains were found in a forest in Kent, near the Couzens’ home.

Until now, the police have yet to determine the motive for the incident. A police statement said: “The man is an officer of the Metropolitan Police in the Command of Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection. His main function was the uniformed patrol functions of the diplomatic premises. A woman, who is in her 30s, she was also arrested on the night of March 9 on suspicion of helping a criminal. She remains in custody. “

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