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Who is Tori Woodward? Alex Pall’s girlfriend of the Chainsmokers exposes her alleged trap on Instagram

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers apparently did not hear the title of his own song, "Do not Let Me Down," because his girlfriend Tori Woodward accused him of cheating in a series of Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

Woodward posted a grainy image of CCTV images that, according to her, was from Pall, 32, kissing another woman. The screenshot was deleted since then, but People managed to grab it before it retreated.

Woodward superimposed the image with the text: "They will look you in the eyes and tell you that they love" you. Then destroy without thinking twice. "

In another post, he said People Woodward said:" Alex is disgusting. Men are garbage. Never forget it. "

Pall is half of The Chainsmokers, the Grammy-winning pop / EDM duo along with Drew Taggart, scoring their first number one Billboard Hot 100 in 2016 with" Closer ", with Halsey, his debut album, Memories … Do Not Open also topped the album list in April 2017.

Woodward, who has been dating Pall for three years and often documents his relationship on Instagram, he published two more posts in his Instagram stories that feed Newsweek managed to capture.

]  Tori Woodward publishes about Adam Pall of The Chainsmokers Tori Woodward / Instagram

In the first, Woodward accused Pall of deceiving her several times in the sourse of their relationship.

"After hours of begging him for remnants of honesty, I undone enough to confirm that this is not the first time he deceives me [sic] with remorse," Woodward wrote. "That psycho bitch from Las Vegas, the lame model of Instagram" caught on video and countless other people, looked me in the eyes and swore for her life that she never touched The categorical and consistent denial vanished when explaining that, as all men do, it is not so bad, and in other words, because he is famous now, he had a different regulation for decency. "

He added: "What is perhaps the most surprising thing is that he DOES NOT APOLOGIZE."

In another post, Woodward urged other men not to behave like Pall.

"Do not be that guy, do not let your friend, brother or business partner be that guy, basic respect for women in your life should not be such a difficult standard to embrace," he wrote.

In 2016, The Chainsmokers were ridiculed online for a rather cringey interview with Billboard about their success. In it, Pall said: "Even before the success, the pussy was number one."

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