Who is the next Houston Rockets coach? Five names to watch.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Kyle Lowery was pretty torn.

Lowery and the Toronto Rappers spent nearly three months in Florida for an NBA restart. He is long past his children, and Lori made no secret during his time in the league’s Walt Disney World bubble that staying apart from them for a long time was brutally difficult.

He was going home on Saturday. On the one hand, this is very good news. On the other hand, it is a disaster.

The Raptors have been NBA champions. His run ended on Friday night with a Game 7 loss to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals, ending the longest season in team history and starting in an offseason where personnel decisions were made in Toronto There are many.

“I have to go see my kids,” said Laurie, the Raptors point guard and franchise face guard, fighting the sentiment that his Phil-Kid’s tenacity usually allows him to hide. “I am being cursed for three months without seeing my children. I do not want to go home. I really do not. And I know that my kids don’t want to give me home because they wanted their daddy to win another championship. ‘

They will have to wait till at least 2021 for this.

Presiden’s hopes are the most ineffable of science, and the Raptors were never bothered – just stunned – by predictions that Khoi won’t be freefall after winning the 2019 NBA title in Toronto long after losing Leonard and Danny Green.

quite the contrary. The Raptors went 53–19 in the regular season and 60–23 overall, the best single-season winning percentage in franchise history. Lori and Pascal were Sikum All-Stars. Nick Nurse was coach of the year.

The nurse said, “We’re going to remember how well we had expected to play.” We never climbed that. I don’t think we were ready to win the title last year. We did it this season. And put the maximum effort into what we can do. For the most part, we did. ”

Masai Ujiri, Bobby Webster and the Raptors brain trust now have big questions to deal with. Guard Fred VanVleet is going to give a serious bet to this offseason, and Lori – who predicts that OneVillet will take over for him one day – wants the Raptors to write those checks. Mark Gasol is 35 years old, Serge Ibka is 31 years old and they will both be free agents.

“I already missed this team,” the nurse said.

Five points as head of the Raptors:

Best of nba

No matter who wins the rest of these playoffs, the Raptors – counting the regular-season and playoff contests – will go on to the next season that surpasses the previous two (134), three (197) of anyone else in the NBA. More games are won than that. And four (252) years combined. Yes, Leonard made him a lot better last season. But the level of consistency proves that the Raptors are not surprising for a year.


VanVleet came into the league four years ago making one half million dollars (2.9 points per average game), saw salaries climb to $ 9 million this season (17.6 points per average game) and is set to climb in 2020-21 . Whenever free agency starts – it may be until the end of November, no one knows yet – that will be a top priority for the Raptors. “He’s going to be rewarded,” Lori said. “To me, it means that the world can take care of her family and take care of her family at a high level.”

free agency

The Raptors will walk a bit of this offseason, almost certainly unwilling to do anything that will hurt their spending ability for the big names’ next expected NBA free agent circus in 2021. A possible scenario would be to keep Drool and Ibka. The one-year deal – which won’t work for Vanvale, who wants to at his age, and is eligible, a multi-year contract – and play it back in 2020-21 with basically the same core.

King’s job

Nga was the runaway choice for Nurse Coach of the Year in NBA media balloting. The Raptors were the only team in the Eastern Conference to have a winning record in games and were not leading at halftime this regular season, going 16–15 in those matchups. Only the Los Angeles Lakers were better at 13-11.

Last word

Before he leaves his final postgame media session of the season, Laurie is asked to reflect on his bubbly memories. “It was challenging,” Lori said. “It was well put together. NBA and teams and players made sacrifices. We used our platform for voices to be heard on social injustice and asked people to go there to vote. Justice for Bryo Taylor. Justice for everyone, every black American present there is being harmed by police and police brutality. Therefore, I think the bubble was a success. ”