Who is the Bucks fan who gave Danica Patrick a drink in the Celtics game?

When the cameras of the Milwaukee Bucks-Boston Celtics game went to Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick, the NBA fans had many questions about what they saw.

On the surface, it seemed that a fan near the powerful sports couple bought Patrick a drink literally on the back of Rodgers. And people loved what this guy seemed to be shooting at the retired NASCAR driver.

But, of course, as we said when we wrote about this for the first time, the story captured absolutely more than the cameras captured in a few seconds. And now we have almost all the answers about exactly what happened here.

WTMJ, a radio station in Wisconsin, identified the Bucks fan who seemed to buy Danica a drink and had it on Steve Scaffidi's show.

According to the station, his name is Rick Barrett, and he is a real estate executive in the area. And he explained exactly what happened during that brief exchange, confirming that he was not, in fact, beating Danica.

Barrett explained:

"Well, (the drinks in) the seats on the court are free. But at that moment, I created a tip that Danica had been giving for the drinks I had ordered before, one before. And she just gave advice the previous time, so I thought she would do the same in her name. "

He added that because everyone has sat in those seats before, Rodgers is part of the Bucks' owner group, he has known Rodgers and Patrick a little. He even told WTMJ that he even joked with Rodgers and asked who was behind the wheel when they were driving from Green Bay to Milwaukee. But he said they are "always making jokes" with them.

Barrett also said that his son told him for the first time that the moment was going viral, and admitted that he really did not know what that meant:

"My student at the University of Iowa is studying for his exams, it's exam week down there, and he sends me a text message, he says," Dad, you're on Twitter. "I said," I really do not know what is that".

So there you have it. As expected, the truth behind the viral video is more about being polite than juicy gossip.

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