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Who is Michael Cohen's father-in-law? Trump says it should be investigated


PResident Trump invoked a different figure on Saturday when he spoke of the ongoing investigation in Russia: the father-in-law of his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

In order for Cohen to reduce his sentence, he thought, "I have an idea, I will give you information about the president, well, there is no information," Trump said during his more than 20-minute, often incoherent call. Jeanine Pirro from Fox News on Saturday night. "He should give information about his father-in-law, because that's what people want to see."

Cohen, Trump's long-time personal lawyer, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress in November and eight counts of campaign financing violations, tax fraud and bank fraud in August, in part related to payments of money to the porn star Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal His alleged affairs with Trump. Cohen has been cooperating with the investigation of special lawyer Robert Mueller about the Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, even though he once said he would receive a bullet by the president.

When Pirro asked the name of Cohen's father-in-law, Trump appeared empty-handed.

"I do not know, but he will find out and investigate it because nobody knows what is happening there," he said, an unusual statement by a president regarding a private citizen.

Fima Shusterman, Cohen's father-in-law, lent millions to an owner of the Chicago taxi company, who was mentioned in the FBI arrest warrants that were used to assault Cohen's home and office. In the interview, Trump described the raid as a robbery.

"I was a client, he has a law firm, they broke into his law firm sometime early in the morning," said Trump de Cohen.

Shusterman lent an estimated $ 20 million to Yasya Shtayner, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Shtayner, along with her husband Semyon Shtayner, administer more than 350 taxis in Chicago, including 20 owned by Cohen.

Trump previously mentioned Cohen's father-in-law, though not by name, in a December Tweet.

Shusterman, who pleaded guilty to tax fraud in 1993, owns a condominium at Trump World Tower in New York. Both he and Shtayner own condominiums outside of Miami in another Trump development, which Shtayner used as collateral for Shusterman's loans.

"He's in trouble with some loans, fraud, taxis and things that I do not know about," Trump said of Cohen in the interview.

Trump, who responded to a New York Times report that reveals an FBI counterintelligence investigation into him after his dismissal from former FBI director James Comey and a Washington Post report that says he hid details of his interactions with the Russian president , Vladimir Putin, maintained that the investigation is a "deception" or "witch hunt".

"Here is the conclusion, there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, there was nothing," he said.

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