Who is ‘Married at First Sight’ from Star Bennett Kirschner and what does he do for work?

With the season 11 premiere Got married at first sight, The audience was introduced to five new New Orleans couples ready to take a chance on love. One couple, in particular, Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Phatasi, are eager to learn more about shared mysterious history fans. Here we know about Bennett by now.

Bennett and Amelia from ‘Married at First Sight’. Mike Lyret Photography / Lifetime

‘Married at First Sight’ is not your exclusive dating show

Unlike typical dating series, Lifetime Married on first site On his wedding day, he offers ready singles for his partners. The couple actually begin their relationship after saying “I do”. And they have to know each other as husband and wife.

But this show does not like couple at all. A panel of experts, including a marriage counselor, a pastor, a sociologist, and a psychiatrist, comb through dozens of ready-to-marriage singles profiles. Then, based on compatibility factors such as age, appearance, values, and location, experts find them a suitable match. The singles then meet their perfect people on their wedding day, and they must decide whether they want to get married while standing at the altar.

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Who is Bennett Kirschner on First Site Married?

Bennett is a 28-year-old New Jersey native who lives in New Orleans. On Married on first site, He explains that he has many different tasks to do, and now he wants to settle down with the right person.

“I’m a theater artist, a freelance writer, a petty caber and a landscape architect assistant,” Bennett says on the show. “I grew up in a house that really promotes creative expression. And I was always recognizing inanimate objects. I talked to everything, from stuffed animals, which is very common, to trash cans, called presidents. “

“I would describe myself as a weirdo,” he says. “I think I am particularly ready to get married at first sight because I am someone who is deeply committed, passionate about the people I am close with. I want what I get from someone. To find love with the person I get and what I get. For the right person, I would consider myself a good catch. “

Bennett does not have a public social media account

So far, it does not appear that Bennett has a public Instagram or Twitter account. However, she has a personal website and a ReadC page. Both websites have bios for Bennett, including links to his previous works.

“As a theater producer, he directs works produced by the ensemble and is the founding artistic director of a new Orleans-based theater collective, which has been producing original, site-specific works since 2015. He has worked with the university. Received MFA in Play Writing. New Orleans in 2019, “Bennett Reads Website.” As a music producer, Bennett has used his voice to write songs that are sometimes composed by those complete songs. Who have music training. Their band, Tv pole shine, A 12-piece pop-funk outfit, began playing music in New Orleans in 2016 and will be releasing a full-length studio, To screw in a lightbulbIn early 2021. “

On Married on first site, Bennett corresponds with Amelia Fatty, a New Orleans physician. The two know each other, but they are yet to know how. New episodes of the series air on Wednesday on Lifetime.

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