Who is eligible under the new DeSantis order?

It’s a potential big step to protect more Floridians from COVID-19, but Governor DeSantis’s new executive order leaves a number of important questions unanswered. Spectrum News contacted Jay Wolfson, professor of public health, medicine and pharmacy at USF Health to find out where we stand.

Who is eligible to receive the vaccine under Governor Ron DeSantis’ new executive order?

People under 65 who are considered extremely vulnerable.

What conditions qualify to make a person vulnerable to COVID-19?

Florida has not released an official list

Do people under 65 need a doctor’s note to get vaccinated?

Yes, and your doctor must complete a form from the Florida Department of Health.

Is the form available at the Florida Department of Health?

This form will be used throughout Florida: https://bit.ly/3qbHLb4

How will the form be available?

Vaccination EO-21-47-Form on Scribd

Besides those considered extremely vulnerable, who else is now eligible to get vaccinated under the executive order?

Those 50 years of age or older who are law enforcement officers, firefighters, or K-12 school employees.

Will you still need an appointment to get the vaccine?

Yes, the vast majority of state, county, and commercially run sites require vaccination appointments.

Is there still a plan to help people get the vaccine who don’t have a personal doctor?

No, but it is a concern for health experts.


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