Who is Britney Spears’s boyfriend? Sam Asghari Just Gave The Singer The sweetest birthday surprise – VIDEO


On December 2, Britney Spears celebrated her 36th birthday with the most romantic gift from her rumored boyfriend. So, who is Britney Spears's boyfriend? Sam Asghari, the fitness model and occasional actor, has been dating the singer for the better part of a year. According to People, supposedly met on the set of their video of the song "Slumber Party" and since then they have had a publicly lovable relationship. Spears confirmed the relationship in a January 2017 interview on CBS radio, according to Us Weekly. All anyone wants is for Spears to be happy, and Asghari seems to fit into the account. But who is he, really? Also, do you have any siblings who might be interested in dating a lifelong Britney Spears fan? I'm just asking.

As seen on Instagram, Asghari honored Spears' special day with a room full of candles. However, they were not just candles: there were also bright balloons, heart-shaped rose petals, delicious-looking muffins and more, all neatly arranged in the room to surprise the pop star. Spears, dressed in an incredible backless dress, who would not walk like this on her birthday, even at home? – He enters the room, amazed, and his reaction is so sweet that it could probably alter the space-time continuum. "Happy Birthday Baby!" says Asghari, and Spears responds "Thank you!" before ducking to go directly to the cupcakes. She is perfect, obviously, and now she seems to have the perfect partner.

Sam Asghari is younger than Spears; He was born in 1994, which makes him 23 years old at the time of the birthday surprise. He is also Iranian. When it was published on social networks, Asghari immigrated to the United States with his family in 2007. He still makes an effort to read and write in Farsi whenever possible, and occasionally adds hashtags such as "#Persian" to his publications. . He also really, really seems to love Britney Spears. According to Us Weekly, the two met on the set of their video music for "Slumber Party," where they teamed up with sushi and he gave him his phone number after filming.

"He has no idea … I mean, he knows my name, but he does not really know me as a person." He says "How is this girl?" And I have no idea who Devils is, you know? "he told CBS Radio in an interview in January 2017, according to article Us Weekly ." We started talking about sushi and started talking about things that I like and I like go to sushi one day "

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" Slumber Party "was not his first video, however. Fifth Harmony stans will recognize it from the "Work From Home" video, and fame seems to run in the family; According to The Sun, his sister Fay has already started walking in Fashion Week.

Since they seemed to start to be in 2016, they have felt much more comfortable being openly affectionate with each other. For fans, it's exciting that Spears feels comfortable, confident and with enough support to share her new relationship with the world. It does not hurt to be a multilingual fitness model of about 20 years and seems to be a good person. Who would not fall in love with that?

It is moving to see that Sam Asghari treats her so well. Take Spears on a field trip and dinner dates, and have a promising and flexible career and close to half a million Instagram followers. It seems that there is a lot of love between the couple.

Spears has been more active on social media lately; in each image with Asghari, she is absolutely radiant. As it should be, it seems that Asghari adores her. It springs up in every legend about how wonderful Spears is, and it's obvious how much they treasure each other. She deserves this solid and exciting relationship. And now that people are #TeamAsghari, this better guy will not disappoint them.

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