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Who is Bbnos with the viral blow produced by Y2K "Lalala" when I left Meme?

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The Canadian rapper bbno $ (pronounced baby without money) has just obtained his first Billboard Hot 100 success thanks to "Lalala", his last collaboration with producer Y2K. Originally, thanks to a viral Instagram campaign and false stories about how the duo met, the recent success of the track was driven by TikTok. However, "Lalala" is not the first time that bbno $ has obtained a viral blow.

According to a 2018 interview with Underground Underdogs, bbno $ found music after suffering a fracture in the 12th grade that put an end to his aspirations to become a professional swimmer. Before going to college, where he earned a degree in kinesiology, he started making songs with his friends in a team they called Broke Boy Gang.

While at school, $ bno continued down the road. He started taking music seriously in September 2016 and started uploading songs on SoundCloud. Not long after, bbno $ exploded in China thanks to Jackson Yee, a member of the popular boy band TFBOYS. At the end of 2016, Yee celebrated his 16th birthday by performing a choreographed dance for the early song of bbno $ ', "Yoyo Tokyo".

In 2018, bbno $ counted Good juice box that went viral overnight, which allowed him to sell consecutive trips in China. bbno $ has eliminated "Yoyo Tokyo" because "it's just not good".

Almost at the same time, bbno $ met a like-minded artist in food rapper Yung Gravy. The musical relationship of the duo gave rise to its 2017 set Baby sauce EP, who gave them the viral blow, "Rotisserie".

Since then, bbno $ has capitalized on its viral success with a steady stream of projects including 2018 bb steps and this year playtime. While both projects feature multiple songs with millions of Spotify transmissions, $ bno did not make it to the mainstream until the launch of a social media campaign for "Lalala."

To promote the single, bbno $ used Instagram memes pages like analucifer and his own bigbreadboys to promote the song:

Y2K and bbno $ also sent false stories about how they met on blogs like Lyric lemonade Y Lift. The combined exaggeration allowed "Lalala" to start running when it fell on June 7.

"Lalala" obtained almost 2,000 daily page visits from Genius on the day of its launch, and grew exponentially from there. In two weeks, the song crossed the threshold of 10,000 page views per day.

It would not be long before "Lalala" became a meme in TikTok, where the introduction of the song has been used for a variety of videos that include make-up tutorials, comedy scenes and, most recently, #bottlecapchallenge clips .

At its most popular moment, the track reached a maximum of 25,686 daily page views of Genius on June 24. Although "Lalala" inevitably declined, it remained stable with an average of 7,574 page views daily during the last two weeks. Meanwhile, the song continues to accumulate steam in the lists.

On July 1, he debuted at number 1 on Spotify's Viral 50 list in the US. UU On July 1, permanently hitting the growing blow of Blanco Brown's country trap, "The Git Up", from the first place. Earlier this week, "Lalala" entered the Hot 100 at No. 84.

After accumulating more than 30 million Spotify streams and 300,000 page views of Genius, "Lalala" still has more opportunities for growth. Y2K and bbno $ have not yet released an official music video for the song, and the next tour of the rapper should fan the flames even more.

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