Who Fulfills The Ragnarok Prophecy in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’


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The newest film from Marvel Studios launched many new threats into the universe of superheroes. Thor and his allies needed to take care of villains similar to Hela, the Grandmaster, and Surtur, however there was all the time a extra sinister menace lurking within the background.

The Ragnarok prophecy guarantees the tip of Asgard, but it surely’s shocking to search out out who helps make it into actuality.

Warning: Major spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok under.

The finish of Asgard is talked about early on in Thor: Ragnarok, with the fiery demon god Surtur explaining Chekov’s Prophecy in no unsure phrases. And though Hela is positioned because the movie’s large dangerous, she does not have something to do with Asgard’s prophesized destruction.

In reality, it is Surtur who’s promised to destroy the planet, an act he very a lot desires to make good on after harboring a millennia-long grudge towards the All-Father Odin.

As Surtur tells Thor early on, Odin’s absence from the throne makes Asgard susceptible to different threats from the Nine Realms, and the flaming deity plans to grab the planet along with his military and enact the prophecy.

The prophecy merely states that Surtur should place his crown within the Eternal Flame, which is contained in Odin’s vault, after which he’ll achieve sufficient energy to destroy the planet. The menace, although, appears to be quelled moments later when Thor knocks Surtur’s head off and takes the crown himself.

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Surtur Rises


Thor realizes the one method to defeat Hela is to sever the connection to her energy, that means Asgard the planet should be destroyed. It’s the one method to cease her quest to rule the galaxy.

So Thor sends Loki to retrieve Surtur’s cranium in Odin’s vault and place it within the Eternal Flame, bringing in regards to the Ragnarok prophecy. The God of Thunder stays behind to distract Hela and provides the Asgardians time to load onto a transport ship and escape.

Loki locations the crown within the flames, and the big Surtur rises up and destroys the palace. Hela, who needed nothing greater than to rule, instantly turns her consideration to the behemoth laying waste to her kingdom.

Thor leads the escape of the Asgardians, watching on as Hela makes an attempt to go up towards Surtur. But though she’s very highly effective, she’s nonetheless not sturdy sufficient to cease the prophecy. Surtur stabs via to the planet’s core, overlaying Asgard’s floor in flames.

On the transport ship, new ally Korg comically feedback on how they’ll rebuild after the entire destruction — just for the planet to blow up earlier than their eyes.

Thor and Loki, who made the laborious determination to destroy their residence and fulfill the terrible prophecy, each notice that Asgard will not ever really be destroyed as long as the individuals dwell on. And with no the place else to go, the brand new King of Asgard decides to return to Earth.

That is, if Thanos lets them.

Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters now.

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