Who do you want to see heads blown in Mortal Kombat 11?

There are still many empty slots …

This week, we finally left for the first time the list of the next facial mbadagers from NetherRealm Studios. Deadly Kombat 11. The confirmed players were Outworld Baraka fighter, Special Forces agent Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero bad mates and Scorpion, the DLC debutant who drains Skarlet blood and a completely grumpy Raiden.

Later, in the presentation of NRS, we could see the piece of meat that manipulates the time that is Geras, and also glimpse what appeared to be Kabal. They appeared in the movies, but were not specifically mentioned as playable, the monks of Shaolin, Liu Kang and Kung Lao, as well as a sinister lady who can also freeze the watch, Kronika. Finally, former Outworld emperor Shao Khan will be available as a pre-order bonus.

That's seven playable characters confirmed and 11 playable characters "more than likely." The character selection screen in the demo included 25 slots, which leaves room for 14 more characters (I took a bit of college). This is, of course, easily Expandable in the vagaries of NetherRealm, so it should not be taken as a stone.

So, who do you want to see do the grade of MK & # 39; s An illustrious list of good, regular and terribly evil Khar characters? I think it's going to be a tough cut. Surely NRS did not introduce all those children in Deadly Kombat X Only to release them a sequel later. What about the rookie villains like D & # 39; Vorah and Kotal Khan? This is not to mention the pillars currently zombified as Nightwolf, Smoke, Stryker and Jade. In addition to all that, you also have the predilection of the series to give space to the invited stars … Boy, is a hell of cats that compete for time on screen.


Personally, I hope to see less of the trick of "family ties." MKX It's a great title, but we do not need Johnny. Y Sonya Y Cbadie, with Jax Y Jacqui. Too many human males with similar attitudes. My favorite MK The character is Sindel, and he has been since the launch of MK 3, back in the & # 39; 95. I think it's time for the Queen of Edenia Screamin & regain her throne. If that fails, let Mileena in the scrap metal. The rebel leader fighter was executed in MKX, but so was Baraka, but he returns in all its splendor. And if we go nostalgic, how about a real Freak like the Havik of ChaosRealm?

Death means zero in the Mortal Kombat universe. He did not do it in the 90s, or in the PS2 era, and with MK 11 & # 39; s The story of "doubling time" could mean even less today. The list of MKX Sense specifically dictated by the events of his story mode. by MK 11I prefer to have a list that balances variety, nostalgia and creativity. Less humans, less ninjas, more weirdos. Taking into account the Kombatants registered so far, I think NRS is on target and I can not wait for more revelations, who backs towards the ring stained with blood.

Deadly Kombat 11 is released on April 23 on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Recent rumors suggest that the release of Nintendo Switch was delayed until May.

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