Who are the main executives of Amazon?


That subject will be clearly displayed in re: Invent. Andy Jbady is the executive director of the cloud unit and only one of the top 15 people under him is a woman.

Amazon seems to be making an effort to solve this problem. As Recode reported last month, a growing number of women are leading important parts of the company. They include Toni Reid with Alexa, Stephenie Landry on Prime Now and Jennifer Cast on Amazon Books. The company also has technical advisors, who supervise the executive directors of the unit and attend all of its meetings for training purposes. Currently, two of the three are women.

Even so, the figures are very disappointing for a company that makes diversity a part of its leadership principles. In fact, Bezos wrote in a letter last year that diversity and inclusion are not only good for business, but "just right". In the list below, there are no African-Americans and three people of Asian descent.

Amazon did not respond to a request for comments.

Most people on the list have spent years, if not decades, in the company. Jbady along with Jeff Wilke, executive director of the consumer group, and Jeff Blackburn, who runs the video and ad businesses, have been on Amazon since its inception. Dave Clark, who operates retail operations, and Greg Greeley, who leads Prime, both joined the company in 1999.

There have also been more recent high-profile hires. Babak Parviz, creator of Google Glbad, joined Amazon in 2014 and now runs a special team called "Grand Challenge". Adam Bosworth, who left Salesforce last year, is in charge of the AWS software team. Dave Treadwell, a 27-year veteran of Microsoft, joined Amazon last year as vice president of e-commerce services.

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