Whitmer warns of ‘step back’ as COVID-19 cases in Michigan continue to rise

Michigan – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a warning on Sunday about COVID-19, saying states could move a step forward if COVID-19 cases once again increase.

“We’re seeing COVID19 spreading in our state and it’s dangerous,” Whitmer said. “COVID19 has not changed. It is still a very real threat across the state of Michigan. ”

At this time, communities throughout the state, including people from West Michigan, are seeing unprecedented levels of positive COVID-19 cases.

This weekend, the state launched a New daily record Since the epidemic began, there were 3,338 positive cases on Saturday. The seven-day average is at its highest with 1,875 cases.

While testing has increased, Whitmer says that is not the reason for the trend. She points to the state’s positivity, which has been between five and six percent after sitting around three to four in the last few months, as evidence of the community has spread.

“We need to double our residents and do this so that we can keep our economy busy, bring our children to school,” Whitmer said. “It is negligent in washing hands and physical disturbances and wearing masks.”

Hospitalization is also a concern among health professionals.

Last week, physician leaders representing 110 hospitals in the state, including Spectrum and Mercy Health, Gave a letter. It says rates have risen by more than 80 percent in recent weeks and if it continues, the healthcare system is “at risk of a more serious crisis.”

“If we get overwhelmed, and we have found hospitals on the verge of rising, we have to take steps backwards,” Whitmer said.

How a possible second shutdown would work after a recent state Supreme Court ruling.

Whitmer says the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services can act within its epidemic authority. Attorney General Dana Nessel agrees, but suggests that another avenue would be better known as MDHHS. Being challenged in court.

“Nothing, I think we should have a legislature that wants to work with the governor to deal with the spread of the virus,” Nessel said.

Whitmer hopes that this is not needed though and is asking the Mixiganders to act now.

Whitmer said, “Let’s pull together figuratively, so that we can gather our arms around this virus.”

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