Whitmer says Trump denied request to fully fund National Guard in Michigan

President TrumpDONALD JOHN TRUMPWAREN: I think Trump does not share classified information after the Woodward book that Trump told the epidemic NYT reporter removed from Trump’s rally in Michigan A request by the Michigan government denied. Gretchen WhitmerGretchen WhitmerWhitmer says Trump has declined a request to fully fund the National Guard in Michigan. Trump pushes schools to stay open, to play Big Ten football Michigan college virtual ‘cafe’ events Apologizes for being different (D) to fund completely NAtional guard to continue its activities in its state, including its epidemic response.

In A statement from the governor obtained by a local CBS affiliate, Whitmer said, left voicemail for the chief of staff who rejected Whitmer’s request to fully fund federal service in Michigan, said White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs director Doug Holscher.

White House reportedly settled According to WNEM, providing a 75 percent federal cost share by the end of the year.

In early August, President Trump issued a memorandum, stating that by the end of 2020, states would have funding for the National Guard to respond to their epidemic. However, the President reduced the cost reduction from current levels.

At the time, the memorandum stated that the federal government would no longer provide 100 percent of the funds for the National Guard after 21 August. Instead, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will offer 75 percent of the funds for states’ epidemic response.

However, several states, including Florida, Texas, Arizona, Connecticut, and California, were exempted from funding cuts. At the time, Texas and Florida were particularly hard-hit by the spike in coronovirus cases.

Before the memo was issued, the National Governors Association asked the president to increase federal funds and benefits, or Title 32 Authority, expeditiously.

Whitmer accused Trump of “continuing to play the political game while American life and livelihood are on the line.”

Whitmer wrote, “The presidential rigging partially cuts funding for National Guard units, but five states are dangerous and can cost American lives.” “Our COVID-19 response has been critical to our Guard members testing thousands of communities across the state during the height of the epidemic, and will be critical to furthering our recovery efforts.

“It is irresponsible and irrational to fully fund National Guard activities in some states and not for others.”

A White House spokesman told The Hill that the decision was not based on politics.

“The only way to cut the Michigan National Guard is that Governor Whitmer fails to use the remaining money from the CARES Act to cover the remaining 25 percent of the cost,” the White House said in a statement.

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