White Sox Injury Update – MLB Trade Rumors

The Chicago White Sox are thick in a three-headed toothed clenching fight for the AL Central Division lead. His 28–16 record – good for a .636 winning percentage – not only has given him momentum for 103 wins over a complete 162-game season, but it has earned him a 2 1 / from the Twins for the division crown Returns a game ahead. 2 games throne over Indians.

When it became clear Louis robert The season would begin with the big league club, with expectations raised for the South, but some expected them to score one for the division lead. Robert, as the brightest star in the flickering youth movement, stellar and eye-catching defense at the center with a triple slash of .260 / .324 / .526, his role to raise the club’s profile and competitive stature Have played

But beyond the youth movement, Chicago has enjoyed relatively better health this season than its main producers. Dallas ketchleBack’s issues have hurt that storyline a bit, but he looks forward to returning to start Thursday’s game. Carlos RodonHowever, a perennial has been on the injured list since making his big league debut in 2015. The 27-year-old battled two rusty earlier this season before returning to the training room with a shoulder soreness. Pain in his back and rib area has pushed him further out, but he is perfectly healthy.

According to Athletic’s James Fagen, Rodone plans to throw a mound as soon as possible this season on Monday, so that he can return to the active roster.Via twitter). Late in the season, especially after such a long absence, means Rodone is unlikely to get a spot in the rotation. Lucas Giolito Lock has his rotation spot on it, and Keuchel will be right behind him if he can stay healthy. Dylan Cage, Dan Dunning, Jio Gonzalez, And Renaldo lopez All are giving auditions for the round of playoffs. Although there may be room for Rodone in the bullpen.

Manager Rick Renteria may soon have some more southpaw at his disposal. After establishing himself as one of the major worm killers in the game last season, Aaron Boomer Has made just 7 appearances this season – as strong as they can be. Boomer held a 1.23 ERA / 1.55 FIP in 7 1/3 innings with an absurd 78.6% groundball percentage. This is a small sample, but the Boomers hit 12 batters in that span, good for 14.73 K / 9. Bumer has been placed on the injured list twice with left biceps strain, but his recovery continues. If all continues as planned, the Boomers should be able to join the team for their final road trip that takes them through Ohio State for a series with the Reds and Indians, per MLB.com Scott MerkinVia twitter).