White Sox in talks with the Red Sox


Although first baseman Jose Abreu has made it clear that he wants to stay with the White Sox through his rebuilding, the team could send him to the harbor.

According to MLB Insider Jon Heyman the White Sox have been in "active talks" with teams, including the Red Sox, who are interested in Abreu.

The Red Sox have been chasing Abreu since he first entered the Major League scene. Boston, along with the Milwaukee Brewers and the Houston Astros, were among Abreu's four final teams before signing with the White Sox in 2014.

Abreu, 30, has a contract with the White Sox for two seasons plus. Abreu is expected to earn $ 17.9 million in its second year of arbitration, according to the MLB Trade Rumors projection, which is quite expensive for the reconstruction of a team.

Joe Abreu said he wants to stay with the White Sox during his rebuilding. | Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

Despite the cost, Abreu, a veteran with four years of experience, has said time and again that he wants to stay with the White Sox through rebuilding, and it is known to be a genuine feeling .

General manager Rick Hahn answered roughly in September when he was asked where Abreu fits in to rebuild the team.

"With any player on our current list, we are in charge of evaluating, both this offseason and most likely the next, also, how well any of them fit on our list when we reopen our window to answer," said Hahn then. . "This evaluation is based on numerous factors, including projected performance, age, cost, length of control, impact on the club and teammates, and how all compare with the attributes of the alternatives available within or outside the organization. "

Abreu was one of the White Sox's most productive hitters last season. He hit .304 with 33 homers and 102 RBIs in 2017.

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