White Sox 9, Yankees 6: Another lost advantage and a fourth consecutive loss

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Mother Nature took pity on the Yankees on Friday night. They lost a game of six and a half entrances of short in rain that presented nine entrances by value of stench. The White Sox won the first game of the series 9-6. I know there are 149 games to play this season, but between injuries and several healthy types that look horrible, it seems like it's getting late for the Yankees in 2019.

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Two in the first, Two in the second
Being swept makes it easy to forget that the Yankees had a pretty good offensive series in Houston. Three runs in six innings against Justin Verlander and three runs in seven innings against Gerrit Cole? I'll take it. Then the Yankees scored six runs at the end of the series. Given all the injuries, the offense has been maintained recently. Pitching is more guilty of those losses in Houston.

The exhausted lineup continued to make noise on Friday night, and they had some help. The Yankees loaded the bases in the first inning with one error and two walks. It was a hard mistake in Tim Anderson's pitch, the ball was probably wet and at first José Abreu had the chance to win the scoop, but the walks were good in the at-bats. Luke Voit went from 0 to 2 to walk and Gleyber Torres went from 1 to 2 to walk. Lucas Giolito can be (very) wild and the Yankees allowed him to work on intro problems.

Greg Bird threw a 95 mph fastball on the plate to attack for the second exit. I know hitting a 95 mph fastball is not easy, but, well, it would be nice to see Bird reach speed at some point. decade, but DJ LeMahieu picked it up with a two-out single, two strikes, two runs to right field. It included the rarity of daily baserunning. The video:

The White Sox had a good chance of getting Voit on the plate if they had gone straight home, so in that sense it was good that Torres was stuck in a summary. You have to make sure of the results of the race. However, stopping between the second and the third was clumsy. Games like that are a reminder that Gleyber is not a good base runner. Run hard to the bag and make them a perfect relay to catch you, young man.

LeMahieu's single converted an early 1-0 deficit into an early 2-1 lead, then the Yankees scored another two runs in the second inning to make a 4-1 lead. The entrance started with a walk by Clint Frazier. It was Giolito's third walk to the first seven batters. Gio Urshela followed with a double in the right center field and, from the start, I thought it was a small flash. Even the gardeners seem surprised that it took so much.

The Urshela put double runners in second and third without outs. Austin Romine claimed a run with a single in the middle – Romine going on a good run, while Gary Sanchez is out of the game would be bloated – and Aaron Judge brought another run with a sacrifice fly to the left. It was more like a line of sacrifice. The judge hit him right on the screws (111.9 mph) to Eloy Jimenez in left field. Two races in the first, two races in the second and a 4-1 advantage.

J.A. It represents simply horrible
Three starts in the new season, J.A. Happ has allowed 12 races and has put 24 runners on base in 12.1 innings. He pitched only 25 pitches after the fourth inning and has two 1-2-3 innings in the year, both in his first start two weeks ago. Your opponents in your three starts? The Orioles (twice) and the White Sox. I'm not waiting for Happ against a good offense. (Now watch him throw seven scoreless innings against the Red Sox on Wednesday.)

The Yankees fell before they had a chance to hit Friday night. Leury Garcia hit the first pitch of the game over Brett Gardner's head in center field for a double, and Yonder Alonso took him home later in the inning with a two-out single. In the fourth, Happ received the 7th hitter James McCann (career 76 CMR +) and the No. 9 hitter Adam Engel (55 CMR + race), then gave up a two-run double in the corner to Garcia (69 CMR + race) . Cool

The leadership officially disappeared in the fifth inning. Abreu singled to the center and Alonso hit a two-run homer in the top of the wall in the center left. Currently, Happ has a 4-3 advantage over Judge in the home run. My quick calculation says that the opponents are hitting .345 / .400 / .654 against Happ this season. I was not too optimistic about Happ's arrival to the season, but I never expected it to be is bad. Is? This is untenable.

The final line: 4 IP, 9 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, 1 HR in 88 pitches. Happ has an ERA of 8.76 (6.42 FIP) and has yet to register even 14 outs at the start of this season. The Yankees are beaten, but there are no injury problems with Happ. He is healthy for what we know. He is simply bad. The fastball does not have much life and we do not need Statcast to tell us that. Read the swings. Is it bad that I am already thinking about a bad contract for the commercial scenarios of bad contracts involving Happ and Zack Britton?

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In theory, the Yankees should beat the White Sox (!) In a battle of bulls. They could not on Friday. He was 5-5 in the fifth inning when Happ came out with a man in first position and no outs. Four pitches later, the White Sox led 7-5. Jiménez's first career home run. Jonathan Holder left him. In the seventh, Chad Green gave up Jimenez's second career home run and James McCann's home run just in case. Green has struck out one of his last 21 batters faced. Bad.

The Yankees had their best chance to return to the game in the sixth inning. LeMahieu walked, Frazier hit a single to the right and Urshela hit a single to the center to take a home run and reduce the deficit to 7-6. The Yankees were all ready with the lineup about to turn. Then, Romine had a putrefaction at bat (he tried to hit the first pitch and threw three pitches) and Gardner hit a forced fielder in the second. An entry that started so well was suddenly in danger of being wasted.

The White Sox were thrown against right-handed kicker Nate Jones against Judge and Voit and, because of their stalemate, he was not comfortable on the mound. He got off a lot, asked for new baseballs, works. It was almost as if the referees gave the Yankees the opportunity to take the lead there before asking for the canvas. Jones finally hit Judge with a breakaway ball and got Voit to connect a line to Jimenez in left field for the final exit. The Yankees had the right men on the plate, but they did not charge money. Then came the heavy rain. That's how it goes, that's how it goes.

Gardner got a home run with a 5-3 lead in the fourth inning. He was 1-for-4 in the game and is hitting .200 / .298 / .420 (94 wRC +) in the season. I have to say that Gardner became a home run or nothing this year. I should not be hitting the advantage, but anyway. What I say does not matter. That was the 99th career homer for Gardner, and that's very good. I never expected him to get close to 100 homers during his potential days.

The 6-7-8-9 batters: 6-for-10 with a double and four runs batted in. The 1-2-3-4-5 batters: 1-for-14 (.071) with Gardner's homer. However, Voit and Gleyber drew walks. Bird went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts and dropped to .194 / .324 / .290 (77 wRC +) in the season. Two of his last nine batted balls have eliminated the starting speed of 87 mph and none have exceeded 94 mph. How many opportunities can a man waste? Good pity

And finally, According to RAB friend James Smyth.The Yankees have already lost seven games in which they had an advantage this season. This was game No. 13. Last year they suffered their seventh defeat on June 13, in the No. 64 game. Wow.

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The Yankees and the White Sox will return to that on Saturday afternoon in the middle game of this three-game series. CC Sabathia will be activated from the disabled list to begin. Stephen Tarpley was sent to Triple-A Scranton after this game to clear a spot on the squad, so I guess Joe Harvey is staying. Former Yankee Ivan Nova will be in the doldrums for the ChiSox. Saturday's game is a start of 1:05 pm ET

DotF: Breaux deepens, Myatt dominates in Charleston victory

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