White professor who pretended black resignation from GWU news

A United States professor gained international attention after publishing a blog post in which he admitted lying for years about being a black man, resigned from George Washington University, the school said .

Dr. Jessica Krug, “immediately resigned her position, effective. For this semester her classes will be taught by other faculty members, and students in those courses will receive additional information this week”, GWU said on Twitter on Wednesday .

Known for her writing on various black-centric subjects, Krug, a history professor, published a post by her name on the online platform Medium, stating that she was in fact a white woman from suburban Kansas City.

Krug claimed that he had spent much of his adult life “under various beliefs within a Blackness that I had no right to claim: first North African blackness, then America rooted Blackness, then the Caribbean.” Rooted Bronx Blackness. ”

The blog post responsible for Krug expressed deception, calling the deception “the very symbol of violence, theft and appropriation”.

The author blamed “uneducated mental health demons” dating back to childhood, and says she often thought of accepting deception, but my cowardice was always more powerful than my morality.

Krug’s biography on the GWU website, which is taken down, first lists imperialism, colonialism, and African-American history in his areas of expertise. His writing centers on African culture and issues of diaspora.

The post caused an immediate uproar on social media, with black academics, writers and activists recalling their conversation with Krug.

The editor of the online publication Racebit, Hari Juyad, who published Krug’s writing, wrote on Twitter that Krug confirmed the details of the blog post in a phone call Thursday morning. He described Krug as “someone I called a friend this morning when he gave me a call for everything written here.”

Ziad wrote that Krug claimed to be from the Afro-Caribbean and Bronx. He said he had defended Krug against suspected accomplices in the past. At Retrospect, he recalls clues to deception, including his “apparently inexperienced salsa dance” and “terrible New York accent”.

Krug’s public persona appears in a video testimony at the New York City Council on Gentrification from June. Referring to himself as Jess La Bombelera, Krugh referred to “my black and brown siblings” in the anti-Gentrification movement and criticized “all these white New Yorkers” who “black and brown indigenous New Yorkers “didn’t take their time off.

Krug’s position brought to mind the disputed American activist Rachel Dolezal, who made headlines in 2015 – and resigned from her position as spokesperson, National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) – K is identified as Black after being told, even though both of his parents are white.

Dolezal said, “I am blacker than I am.”

Al Jazeera and news agencies