White House says Biden talks with Putin on many issues

In the midday call, Biden’s initial bid was diplomated with one of his main aides he has met before, but not dealt with as an equal.

Biden’s press secretary Jane Saki said she entered phone calls with the intention of discussing the new START nuclear treaty, which the Biden administration hopes to expand; Russian aggression in Ukraine; Solarwinds Cyber ​​Hack, the extent of which is still being determined; The report placed a reward on US soldiers serving in Afghanistan; Moscow’s interference in US presidential elections; And poison of Alexei Navalny.

“His intention was also to clarify that the United States would act strongly in defense of our national interests in response to malicious actions by Russia,” said Saki, during his briefing the call was unnoticed and more than that. Good summary will come. Later.

The long list of topics for Biden’s first conversation with Putin reflects the troubled state of affairs between Washington and Moscow that he inherited from the previous administration. Biden accused his predecessor President Donald Trump of being too weak for Russia, accusing him of being “Putin’s puppy” during one of his general election debates.

Officials said Biden hopes to take a strong line with Putin. He has ordered a review from administration agencies on issues related to Russia and may impose new sanctions on the country.

But he also made an initial bid for diplomacy on the nuclear treaty, suggesting that he is open to promoting a working relationship with Putin.

“I think both of us, as a new START agreement, can work in mutual interest of our countries, and make it clear to Russia that we are very concerned about their behavior, whether it is the Navy, whether Whether it is solar winds or not. It is a report of reward on the heads of Americans in Afghanistan, “he told reporters on Monday.

“I have asked every one of those agencies to do a full read on all the issues that tell me where they are, and I would not hesitate to raise those issues with Russia,” he said.

The call came on Tuesday at Moscow’s request, according to a person familiar with the case, who said that Biden wanted to meet with leaders in Europe and their advisors before meeting on the phone with Putin. The Kremlin requested the call soon after Biden took office last week, which is the standard for foreign leaders hoping to speak with the new president.

Hundreds, including Navalny's wife Yulia, were detained throughout Russia as protests in their support

The person received a series of briefings after Biden received possible responses to senior administration officials and Putin on administration posts, when Biden raised issues such as SolarWinds hack and naval poisoning, the person said.

Biden’s predecessor often entered his call with Putin and disregarded the advice of his advisors on at least one occasion when he was not ready and did not congratulate Putin on winning his election.

Biden also spoke with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday, a symbolic conversation given the role of the defense bloc in defending against Russian aggression in Europe.

Biden has also spoken with leaders in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, including issues related to Russia.

Putin was one of the last world leaders to congratulate Biden on winning the presidency until it was clear that Trump had lost the electoral college’s count for offering a formal affair.

When Biden was Vice President, the two met and visited Moscow. During a tour of Putin’s office, Biden later claimed that he told the Russian leader, inches from his face, that he did not believe he had a soul.


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