White House press secretary mocked CNN reporter’s original question

  • White House press secretary Kayle McKenney on Wednesday dismissed questions from a CNN reporter about which administration officials were working on a long-delayed health plan.
  • “I do not give you information about what our healthcare plan looks like and who is working on it,” McKinney told the reporter. “If you want to know, work here in the White House.”
  • President Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday night that he was “all ready” to disclose his healthcare plan, but it is unclear when that will happen. The US election is 48 days away.
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White House press secretary, Kayle McNee, declined to say Wednesday which administration officials are working on a healthcare plan that President Donald Trump has promised to unveil for a long time and recently Said that “all are ready.”

During White House press talks, Cattellan Collins of CNN reported that three top health officials in the Trump administration said during testimony before a Senate committee that they were unaware of Trump’s Obamaker replacement plan.

“On Capitol Hill today, the top three medical experts in this administration said they have no idea of ​​any kind of plan that is being prepared,” Collins said. “So who is working on the healthcare plan to be launched before the election?”

McEnany responded that “a wide array” of White House officials and “several stakeholders” including the Domestic Policy Council were working on the plan.

Rejecting Collins’ follow-up questions, the press secretary told the reporter that she should work in the White House if she wanted to find out who was specifically involved in the effort to change the Affordable Care Act.

“I’m not going to read you what our healthcare plan looks like and who’s working on it,” McInnney said. “If you want to know, work here in the White House.”

Describing the nonpublic plan as “the president’s vision for the next five years”, McNee ticked his vague list of principles.

“Overall, this is going to be a very broad strategy, one where we are saving healthcare, while Democrats are trying to take healthcare away, where we are making healthcare services better and cheaper. Billing is to increase transparency, defend your doctor and right to maintain your plan, fight with lobbyists and special interests, and make them healthier – and find a cure for diseases, ”she said.

The president has falsely claimed dozens of times that he has saved Americans from worrisome situations. In fact, his administration is battling in court to reverse Obamacare, which saves those Americans; Reversing the law would rob millions of health services.

The Republican Party failed to replicate and replace Obamacare – despite promising for years to do so – when it controlled both the Senate and the House in 2017 and 2018.

During a town hall on Tuesday night, the president claimed that his administration was not attempting to repeal Obamacare and that Democrats planned to defend the people from worrisome situations.

Trump told a voter that his healthcare plan “is all set,” adding that “this is a much better plan for you.”

“We’re not going to do anything with the odd circumstances,” Trump said.

In mid-July, the president promised that he would unveil and sign a “complete and complete health care plan” within two weeks. The White House has promised that the plan will be made public before the election on 3 November.