White House Forces Georgia US Attorney to Resign

White House officials pushed Atlanta’s top federal prosecutor to resign before Georgia’s US Senate runoff because President Trump was upset that he wasn’t doing enough to investigate unproven claims of presidential election fraud , People familiar with the matter said.

At the behest of the White House, a senior Justice Department official appointed Trump’s US attorney Byung J. Called Pak and told him that he should not pursue vote-fraud charges to Mr. Trump’s satisfaction, as people said.

Mr Pak abruptly resigned on Monday – a day before the runoff – in a morning email to colleagues saying his farewell was caused by “unforeseen circumstances”.

The pressure on Mr. Pak was part of Mr. Trump’s week-long push to try to change the election results in favor of Joe Biden, including his victory in Georgia. Mr Trump said this week after the US Capitol riots that he would leave office on 20 January when Mr Biden was inaugurated.

Recently the late Attorney General William Barr has said that the Justice Department has not found evidence of widespread voter fraud, which could reverse Mr Biden’s victory, including claims of fraud, voting destruction and voting-machine manipulation.


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