While the West Coast Burns, NOAA welcomes onboard a climate change denier

A boat motors engulfed a fire in Lake Auroville as the Bidwell Bar Bridge during a bear fire in Auroville, California on September 9, 2020.

On September 9, 2020, a boat motors engulfed a fire in Lake Auroville as the Bidwell Bar Bridge during a bear fire in Auroville, California.
Photo: Josh Adelson (Getty Images)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently hired David Legates, an already-established climate change denier Sun Blame for global warming and rising CO2 levels of the ocean is fine because it means we get Big crabs, For the top position in the agency. Meanwhile, millions of acres on the West Coast are being released by the so-called “Climate Fire.”

Yes, I’m every bit as confused as you.

Legates, a professor of climate science at the University of Delaware, confirmed Npr on saturday That he has been brought in as the deputy assistant secretary of commerce of the agency for observation and forecasting. It is not immediately clear what their specific duties will be, but the title of a title directly refers to the acting head of the agency, Dr. Neil Jacobs, who is responsible for the allocation of NOAA $ 5.49 billion annual federal budget To support its weather and climate forecasting infrastructure.

And if you weren’t already told about what a terrible idea this is, I thought I’d make the list of Legates’ biggest hits in a few years:

  • While working as a state meteorologist for Delaware in the late 2000s, Governor Ruth Ann Minor, Sent him a letter Essentially telling him to stop using his state-sanctioned podium to avoid unproven nonsense against climate science. He resigned a few years later in 2011.
  • The same year, he came out a video For the faith-based YouTube channel to support the infamous theory that it is the natural cycle of the Sun, and not humans, that is causing unprecedented temperatures on the planet.
  • And, as I mentioned earlier, they argued 2018 conservative political action conference The presence of jumbo crabs due to rising CO2 levels in the ocean means that this global warming thing cannot be all bad, right?

Legs also have a long association Heartland Institute, A libertarian think tank that has spent millions of dollars to disprove the scientific evidence of climate change, which, as NPR points out, includes research from the agency in which it will now operate: NOAA.

“David Legates is a true climate scientist and will bring a large part of much-needed science to NOAA,” Steve Milloy, a Heartland Institute board member and part of President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency Transition Team, Told shop.

Other climatologists have significantly less enthusiasm.

“At a time when those effects are playing out in front of our eyes as unprecedented wildfires outside the West and super-storms, I make more deceptive decisions than appointing someone like a legatee to leadership positions at an agency. Can not imagine “We work to assess the risks from extreme weather events,” said Michael Mann, a Pennsylvania State professor of atmospheric science. An interview with NPR.

As apocalyptic as it may sound right now, Scientist says The world is on track for around 5.5 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) of heating, so things can still get one hell of a lot worse – and would be without conclusive, comprehensive improvements.

Global carbon emissions have declined more and more 7% every year Otherwise we take further risks Catastrophic warming, ie more eccentric Back-to-back storm, More blast tundra, even more Unprecedented weather related disasters. So the fact that The US, one of the world’s leading contributors to the crisis, is hiring officials who refuse to believe that there is even a crisis to begin with, this is not encouraging at all. NOAA can also change its logo “You okay” dog Comic at this rate.