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While S.C. Waffle House Worker sleeps, Customer Mans The Grill

After a night of drinking, South Carolina man Alex Bowen could not sleep and decided to buy something to eat early Thursday. The Waffle House in West Columbia, South Carolina, fit well, so he walked in and waited 10 minutes at the cash register, but nobody answered, he tells the local news station WIS-TV.

It was then that he realized that there was an employee there, the worker was completely asleep in a corner booth. And Bowen did not moan.

"They looked tired, Bowen tells WOLO-TV, an affiliate of ABC in Columbia," I was like, "Come on and rest, I got this & # 39; "

A series of self-portraits posted on his Facebook page recount what Bowen did next, go behind the counter and get to work on his own food.

Apparently he was a regular at Waffle House, he knew exactly what What I wanted and what came in.

"I got on the grill with a double of melted cheesesteak cheese bacon with additional pickles," Bowen tells WIS-TV. "When I finished, I cleaned the grill, picked up my sandwich and I started eating "

Bowen admits that he would not have been so cheeky if it was not for the vodka, and although he initially left no money for the meal, he came back later that day delivering $ 5 reports, WIS-TV.

] Waffle House issued a statement to the station saying that the sleeping employee has been suspended for a week.

Waffle House, a popular chain throughout the southern United States, pri is kept open 24 hours a day. 365 days of the year Their service is, in fact, so reliable that emergency officials have reportedly developed something called The Waffle House Index, which measures the severity of a storm according to whether Waffle House remains open; If one goes off, it is when you know that things are wrong.

Bowen, an army veteran who now works as a flooring installer, tells WOLO-TV that he never expected the Facebook post of his adventure to go viral (he had more than 5,000 actions on Tuesday.)

"I'm a little overwhelmed with calls, emails and messages," he says.

Even Waffle House is approaching.

While the company said that customers should never go behind the counter for security reasons, they are not holding him against Bowen.

"Obviously Alex has some culinary skills, and we'd like to talk to him about a job since we can have something for him," Waffle House said. .

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