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While Gus Malzahn stays focused on Auburn, Arkansas jobs are talked about


ATLANTA – What Gus Malzahn did not say here was that he absolutely, categorically, would definitely return in 2018 in Auburn.

Why would I do it?

On the eve of the SEC Championship Game, there are millions to be made for the Auburn coach. Millions on the table, apparently. There was a report this week that the Malzahn representatives had prepared a "package" for school authorities to consider.

Why not?

Malzahn has never been hotter. The Tigers are one game away from their second SEC title in five years. Malzahn has now shown, along with Clemson, Dabo Swinney, to be one of the most important rivals for Nick Saban.

"I'm focused on this game," Malzahn told reporters Friday afternoon at the Mercedes-Benz stadium. "This is for the SEC championship, and I'm the Auburn coach."

Notice what was missing there: a definite statement that he will be Auburn's coach. Let's say that Gus is trained well. Your agent is Jimmy Sexton. Calling Sexton powerful is calling Kareem Abdul-Jabbar high.

Sexton is a benevolent dictator when it comes to the stupid season. When Dan Mullen took the job in Florida, that made him five Sexton customers only in SEC East.

In SEC West, he has Saban and Malzahn. Nothing happens in the SEC, and nationally in the coach carousel, until Jimmy says so.

You may have noticed that it was Sexton who gave Jimbo Fisher a 10 year guarantee for the total money of a college trainer at Texas A & M, $ 75 million.

The following: Sexton's client, Willie Taggart, may take the job in the state of Florida. Do not be surprised if a coach represented by a Sexton finally takes the tire fire that is Tennessee.

That's why Malzahn has not declared his eternal love to Auburn. The Arkansas pockets are deep, even if you only consider super-supporter Jim Lindsey, a member of the 1964 Pigs champion team.

Jeff Long is an excellent man and an accomplished sports director. But when it came time to get rid of Bret Bielema and his reported purchase of $ 11.8 million, it was easy to get rid of Long last month. Do not destroy the AD and the coach without trying to hire him. Well, unless you're Tennessee. (Sorry, I just can not get that out of my head.)

Let's be clear: Auburn is a better job than Arkansas. He has more resources and is more dedicated to championship football. Take that for what you want it to mean beyond the dollars. But Auburn is also a harder job than Arkansas. Malzahn could go 8-4 for the rest of his career and retire in Arkansas. That is not a bad lifestyle.

"It's not just big now, it's great for the future," Malzahn said after Saturday's victory over Alabama. "You can see where we are now, we are beginning to have depth, we have a real opportunity for a long time."

That does not sound like a man heading to Arkansas. , win or lose against Georgia. But, why should it? Like I said, one of the best coaches in the SEC is well trained.

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