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Whethan brings yodel child to Coachella and is scared of Internet

  Paris Jackson and Darren Criss

Paris Jackson and Darren Criss (BFA)

Coyote seemed to live up to his old tricks in Pioneertown on Thursday night. The trickster of southwestern mythology evoked gusts of wind and a drop in temperatures that threatened to scuttle Dior Parfums' magical hour of its men's Sauvage Eau de Parfum fragrance.

The locale: the rustic Pioneertown Motel a peyote button of Pappy & Harriet & # 39; s Pioneertown Palace, a few miles northeast of Yucca Valley, was chosen in part because of its proximity to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival , which starts Friday in Indio, according to Dior representatives of the fragrance's advertising campaign, which features Johnny Depp driving around the desert in a white convertible and burying something (we do not know what) on the floor with heat blisters. It was filmed in the nearby Joshua Tree. (The original announcement was launched in support of the eau de toilette formulation of the fragrance, and the dinner on April 12 was to mark the release of the eau de parfum, if that smells)

Depp was not present In the flesh, but his voice could be heard narrating the newest announcement of the fragrance that was leaking to the guests in one of the motel rooms. He was also there in spirit, more or less, thanks to a low-voiced shaman who camped cross-legged in other rooms, who made tales of the trickster coyote while crushing peppers, pink pepper and sage (some of the aromatic notes found in the new fragrance) in a molcajete while it was surrounded by bottles of Sauvage Eau de Parfum.

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