Where will Deshaun Watson play in 2021?

This week in Deshaun watson produced perhaps the most notable headline in the series thus far. The discontent of the quarterback with the new HC Texans David culley did not make you withdraw from your exchange request.

New GM jeans Nick caserio he’s entrenched against the prospect of trading Watson, according to NBC Sports’ Peter King. Since Texans don’t see free agency as a deadline to make a deal, a resolution doesn’t seem imminent. With teams chasing Watson potentially moving to other options in the near future, it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the days leading up to the new league year.

So far, Texans haven’t budged. Caserio and Cal McNair they have issued multiple statements indicating they want Watson to return to center in Houston next season. By upholding Watson’s rights, Texans certainly have influence. Trading Watson later in the offseason may affect his assimilation with his next team and affect that team’s roster plan for 2021, although that could be a small factor here. And Watson could be fined more than $ 20 million this year if he is truly committed to never playing for the Texans again, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

By waiting until after the draft, the Texans would put themselves in danger of significantly lowering the quarterback rating and doing so without collecting the kind of trade package that would help fuel a rebuild. Thanks to your Laremy tunsil/Kenny Stills trade, the Texans don’t have 2021 first- and second-round picks. And they may be willing to leave Will fuller walk; Before his trade request, Watson wanted the Texans to retain Fuller. While they’d be willing to get these and more back if they unloaded Watson, he’s still a Texan for now. Where will he be when the season starts?

While the Texans may not even see the draft as a flexible deadline to trade their quarterback to the Pro Bowl three times, the draft arsenals of the Jets and Dolphins would be attractive. They both pick in the top three this year, the Jets at No. 2, the Dolphins at third, and they have additional picks from Round 1 (Dolphins at No. 18, Jets at 23). The Dolphins also have two second-round picks this year, while the Jets have two 2022 first-round picks from the Jamal adams trade. Watson is believed to be a Robert Saleh fan, but subsequent reports have emerged indicating that he would be in favor of a deal with Miami over New York.

The Dolphins and Jets have quarterbacks they could send to Houston in Tua Tagovailoa Y Sam darnold, and these starting options would be more attractive compared to the passers the Broncos and Panthers could send. However, Watson has a no-trade clause, and both Carolina and Denver flank the two AFC East teams in skill positions.

Carolina and Denver already discussed Teddy bridgewater Y Drew lock, respectively, in discussions with Lions to Matthew stafford. Both franchises have new general managers who are not tied to the acquisitions of either quarterback, and each team has a top-nine pick, the Panthers at 8, the Broncos at 9, this year. So far, the Panthers lead everyone in Watson’s informed interest. Several reports have surfaced about the owner David tepper be more than in love with Watson and obsessed with his franchise making a major quarterback upgrade. Starting nine quarterbacks since Peyton manning Retired, the Broncos also plan to be aggressive, if Watson is available.

The Panthers have two young assets that would intrigue Watson, in Christian mccaffrey, Dj moore Y Robby Anderson – and players who would potentially attract the Texans in a trade package. So do the Broncos (Jerry jeudy, Courtland sutton, Noah fant). Although the new GM of Denver George paton was reluctant to part with young assets for Stafford, Watson, being a 25-year-old superstar, would surely change the equation.

It is not known how aggressive the 49ers will be, but they did discuss Stafford with the Lions. However, no offer came up. They have made statements indicating that they agree with Jimmy Garoppolo coming back, but Stafford’s discussions certainly point to San Francisco being interested in a Watson trade. The 49ers plan, in late February, would be to make a splash at Watson’s level or take out Garoppolo again. While the Broncos are on Watson’s list of approved destinations, the 49ers may be ahead of them on that list.

Who are the key dark horse teams to monitor here? The Raiders have been mentioned as possible suitors. Of course, they have since been named one of the Russell WilsonFour acceptable destinations. How much should Watson get in a trade? Vote in the latest PFR poll (link for app users) and express your views in the comment section.

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