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Where to see & # 39; Force wakes up & # 39; before seeing & # 39; The last Jedi & # 39; and immerse yourself again in the story of Rey


You probably already have the Star Wars song stuck in your head just to see the advance of The Last Jedi & # 39; – it's almost impossible not to. The good news is that you will soon hear that thunderous melody in theatrical surround sound on December 15th. Until then, the speakers on your computer will have to work. If you need a review of what happened most recently in the far away galaxy, or if you just need a Star Wars fix because you can not get that damn theme song out of your head, you should probably find out where to look The Force awakens before seeing The Last Jedi. As Yoda would say, "you have transmission options".

The delivery of Star Wars 2015 can also be called "Starz Wars", because the movie can be seen in STARZ direct, which costs $ 8.99 per month. If you already have Amazon Prime, you can easily add the STARZ channel to your main subscription for an additional charge of $ 8.99 per month as well. Speaking of Amazon, you can rent The Force Awakens on Amazon for $ 3.99. Or, if you know you'll want to see it every day until the new Star Wars movie comes out, you can buy The Force Awakens for $ 19.99 on Amazon too. The movie is also available on iTunes, where you can rent it for $ 4.99 or buy it for $ 19.99.

Star Wars on YouTube

You may want to catch up on the latest installment of the saga before watching the new movie regardless of whether the theme song keeps repeating in your head to the point where you can not focus on anything more in life. The next movie, The Last Jedi seems to pick up right where left The Force Awakens and will definitely improve your visual experience to understand the gravity – or antigravity – of Luke Skywalker's meeting with King .

The Force Awakens ended with Skywalker and King facing each other, and it seems that The Last Jedi will revolve around their badociation. In the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie, Luke says: "I've seen this brute force only once before, it did not scare me enough then, now it does." And Twitter is already full of theories about whether it says that in reference to Rey or Kylo Ren. The trailer ends notably with Kylo Ren extending his hand to Rey, who may or may not join him on the dark side – impacting everyone.

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The most recent Star Wars movie will probably focus mainly on Kylo Ren, who presented The Force Awakens . As he and Rey will share the spotlight of the next film, along with the porg, of course, it's important to know their history of origin. Still, familiar faces like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, will also return. Whereas Fisher died after filming his scenes for the next Star Wars movie his appearance on it could make fans excited, and rightly so. While King has a reputation for being a powerful feminist icon, Fisher was the original Star Wars heroine and misses her a lot.

The fact that the next Star Wars movie focuses on King's incredible Jedi techniques only continues with Fisher's legacy, and makes everything refer to both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi both more sincere than to think it. You may want to have a box of tissues next to you while looking back The awakening of strength in these coming weeks.


And must also look again to get caught in the plot The big question of The Last Jedi is likely to be "will her will not will it" in terms of King going to the dark side, but in order to really understand who "she" is, you must have seen The Force awakens. Since the movie came out in 2015, it's been a while since the King's genesis story came out, so you should probably take advantage of the STARZ or Amazon offerings. In this way, when you go to see The Last Jedi on December 15 when it finally comes to light, you will not only get the satisfaction of listening to the hot song in the theater, but also to know everything about the movie . heroine while watching her fight against the darkness inside.

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