Where To Remove A Minion In Different Safe Houses

We have some surprises for new challenges here in Fortniteas we move towards the end of this long season. The Agency is in the focus now, going to be only the center of the map in a physical sense to be the center of the story, where Midas is cooking some kind of doomsday Device that probably will serve as a focal point for the end of season event, in the way this weekend. Most of the “Storm of the Agency” the challenges are fairly simple, but one of them comes back to some places that we’ve had all season: the SHADE houses security. To read a map, a guide, and where to remove a minion in different safe houses.

The safe houses are not nearly as obvious as the totality of the bases, which are large and marked, and full of loot. In the beginning of the season, which served as a base for the Shadow, but the Shadow now is has dramatically expanded its footprint to the extent that the players have chosen more of Ghost for each skin so far. They are without a label, and scattered around the map. Here is where they are:

Completing the challenge should be quite easy: just stride up to a safe house, to have a minion, and in his merry way. Sometimes there are Choppas for safe houses, so you can be on your way good and fast if you are in the right.

There were also some other challenges found in safe houses, so that you can tick those off your list at the same time, if you are trying to fix things by the end of the season. As always, we must be careful: the minions are really very dangerous, and you don’t want to go against them without some basic weapons to soften things. These are also likely to be points of access for all the others, so you can easily get popped by an enemy player at the same time.

After these challenges, we’re just waiting for the event. I would be very surprised if the Agency left intact, because these events tend to fly things when they happen.

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