Where to get inverted Christmas trees: they are fashionable, and people are turning


The White House revealed its Christmas decorations on Monday, all designed around a clbadic and traditional theme.

There was not a fashionable Christmas tree upside down in sight.

Scrambled trees have made a comeback for another holiday season, and, like last year, people still seem upset and duped by them.

If you have not seen one, they look like this.

Those are the most elegant, commercial versions. Those sold to everyone by Target and other retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond, look like this.

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" If you have seen inverted Christmas trees for sale in stores or through online vendors and thought they were modern versions of tree space saving of traditional Christmas, think again, "says the Spruce home decor website.

" The tradition of hanging a Christmas tree upside down from the roof is old in Central and Eastern Europe. "

The shape of the inverted tree is considered a symbol of Christianity because it resembles the shape of the crucified Christ," writes The Spruce, although some people ask to defer and hate this tree for religious and political reasons.

purely decorative point of view, an upside-down Tannenbaum makes sense, it helps keep the ornaments away from clumsy and small hands and pets, and is not this the best part? – there is more room underneath for gifts.

While decorators shine and images flood Instagram and Pinterest, some people seem to be sure that this is a trend they want to try.

"I have many questions. Why does Target sell a Christmas tree upside down? Why is it almost $ 1000? Is this a joke of strange things that I'm missing? Someone helps, "pleaded the Twitter user @schaferwafer.

I have a lot of questions, why does Target sell a Christmas tree upside down? Why is it almost $ 1000? Is this a joke of strange things that I'm getting lost? Someone helps. pic.twitter.com/ZA33y1WKyC

– ʝєииα✨ (@schaferwafer) November 21, 2017

Can someone tell me through the head of my boyfriends that this whole inverted Christmas tree thing is NOT the stuff! ♀️

– Jessica (@Jesssbbxoxo) November 24, 2017

Ok, really?! Just drop this little inverted thing Christmas tree before this becomes a trend. pic.twitter.com/ocHeJv1S7p

– NIDHI (@jonas_nidhi) November 23, 2017

The upside down Christmas tree is exactly the reason why I do not bother following the trends: it looks ridiculous pic.twitter.c om / 6ALgFhVmul

– emily hill (@itsemilyhill) November 27, 2017

Even the former manager of the Trump campaign, Corey Lewandowski, recently intervened in this important decorating debate about "Fox and Friends . "

He hates it.

Others are more willing to think outside of boxwood.

A little wants to be the family that makes the Christmas tree upside down one day …

– Audrey VanMeter ( @Audrey_VanMeter) November 27, 2017

The inverted Christmas tree is a trend I can follow, it's very #StrangerThings . Now I just have to convince my family. Https: // t.co/kE1V9TWkgQ

– meganmorrone (@meganmorrone) November 16, 2017

If you have a house with children, a cat or a dog, the appeal of an inverted Christmas tree makes perfect sense. Also, you can see the ornaments better! pic.twitter.com/R2jtpeD744

– The Mominatrixx (@TheMominatrixx) November 25, 2017

And maybe, an inverted tree is even better if it turns?

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