Where to buy Seinfeld Face Mask: Soup Nazi Face Mask, Boomer Naturals

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Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi” is talking about something real when it comes to fighting Kovid. Larry Thomas, actor best known for playing the character Yev Kasem (aka the so-called “Nazi”) owner of the group Soup Stand Seinfeld, Has teamed up with health and wellness company Boomer Naturals to create a special face mask, which pays tribute to his character’s famous catchphrase.

“No mask, no soup!” A face mask is a non-medical face designed to eject air particles such as dust and debris, while preventing droplets from spreading. The soft, reusable mask is made with three layers of a breathable cotton / polyester blend, with each layer transmitting with nano-silver fiber (silver is known for its antibacterial properties). The outer layer has “No Mask, No Soup!” There is also a print of Thomas’s face. Slogan

Boomer natural

Soup Nazi Nano-Silver Protective Face Mask, $ 9.70, available at Boomer Naturals

Boomer Naturals says that protective clothing facial mask is suitable for comfort and for all day wear. The mask can be machine-washed completely, and the company says that the mask can be washed up to 30 times without losing impact.

For each order placed online, Boomer Naturals says it will support a charitable organization, supporting veterans, homeless, health workers, nursing homes and children affected by coronoviruses. The company says that it has donated more than 135,000 face masks so far.

The Soup Nazi Nano-Silver Protective Face Mask is available in three colors (red, white or blue) and comes in a shape that has adjustable straps to help optimize the fit.

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