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When you sit down to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, the letters will pile up against your diet. Those favorite dishes are so rich in calories: hello, stuffing and sweet potato cbaderole! – and there are so many, it may seem impossible not to waste.

But with the right planning and a portion of will power, you can have a healthy (or healthier) Thanksgiving.

How to serve a healthier meal

"My advice is to do everything in moderation – people collect tons of things on their plate, and that's where it becomes a problem. But if you can handle small portion sizes, that's fine, "said Sara Haas, spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

And just because you're going to pamper yourself during that one meal of the day does not mean you have to fly to others. "Balancing it with good meals at breakfast and lunch and doing some exercise … think about how much better you'll feel when Come to the Thanksgiving dinner, "said Haas.

When it's time for the party, there are steps you can take to avoid overeating, or at least limit it. Haas recommends leaving the fork and taking a sip of water between the bites to avoid putting food in the mouth. And wait at least 20 minutes before returning by seconds (or thirds) – it takes your body so long to know it's full, he said.

Of course, if you're the one doing the cooking, there are many steps you can take to make your Thanksgiving dinner healthier. The use of meats and low-fat dairy products is an easy way to reduce the calorie load, and in foods like stuffing and empanadas, you probably will not even notice the difference.

Haas recommends sources such as Cooking Light and Eat Right, the website of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, for healthier loved recipes, and to turn those mountains into Thanksgiving remains into creative and possibly healthier dishes.

How to burn Thanksgiving calories

Even if you choose the healthiest sides of the table, eat only one slice of cake and keep your surplus plans under control, you may still need activity to reach the break-even point at Thanksgiving.

Consider looking for a run to run during the holidays, or just go jogging in your neighborhood – 60 minutes of jogging burning approximately 477 calories – around a slice of walnut pie.

Sixty minutes of Zumba burns approximately 540 calories – that almost solves your sweet potato cbaderole and cranberry sauce.

One hour of playing soccer with your family burns around 160 calories. Here goes the turkey!

But there are many ways to reduce consumption without tying your athletic shoes.

One hour of cleaning and washing dishes will burn approximately 100 calories. Another clean-up time after the big meal can burn over 100. Cleaning could be the cure for the green bean cbaderole.

There's also good news if you're hanging out at the children's table. One hour of carrying young children can burn around 136 calories. Running with them for 60 minutes can burn more than 200. See you later, stuffing.

Do you plan to line up for Black Friday sales? Thirty minutes of shopping can burn 76 calories: if you're moving fast enough to get some great deals and enough time to cover everyone on your list, you can easily take care of your potato purées and your rolls.

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