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Kylie Jenner's new "family car" does not win over fans. While picking up his Ferrari LaFerrari, Ky's fans broke up on her by taking a trip without thinking about the baby Stormi first.

"Picking up my new b * tch", Kylie Jenner 20, captioned an Instagram image of March 12 of a black Ferrari LaFerarri. The trip, a gift of push from Travis Scott of 25 years, is all a car. It has a value of $ 1.4 million, has a top speed of 217 mph, and is not really what someone would take if they needed to make a diaper. Yes, about that, although Kylie's love for luxury cars is nothing new, now she has to take care of the baby Stormi . Many fans thought that the Ferrari was not appropriate for a new mom.

"How are you going to get a baby seat on that?" Asked winecntryyorkies, and many echoed the Instagram user's sentiment. "Where will the baby seat go?" "They do not fit in a child seat there!" "I am sure that a car seat fits very well in the LOL family car." "Ever with your son? I bet the car seat fits great." While most of Kylie's fans were sending junk mail with inane comments – "Lb" "Cb" "Rows" – some expressed concern for Kylie taking her baby for a ride in this new car sport.

Fans who are worried about jogging Kylie can simply relax. While she's thrilled to have this weird car, it's not going to put her baby's life at risk. In fact, he's going to look for a "safety seat that can fit inside the small interior and on the sports seats," said a source close to Kylie EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife.com when she revealed the push present. "She thinks it would be sexy to take your baby in style, but, of course, safety first!"

Maybe Kylie could keep the car for romantic walks with Travis? After all, she thinks the car is proof that Travis loves her because the gift is so Kylie. He also practically closed the door Tyga forever. While Tyga bought Kylie a Ferrari and a Mayback Benz when he turned 19, that was then. This new Ferrari LaFerrari has Kylie saying, "Tyga, who?" Now, let's hope that Travis can help Kylie find a child's seat. Or maybe he can buy Kylie a minivan later?

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