Where is Ovation of the Seas, how many passengers are on board the cruise and what is the vomiting virus?

ALMOST 200 passengers on one of the world's largest cruise ships have been struck down by diarrhea and a vomiting virus.

This is what we know about Ovation of the Seas and what is happening on board …

   Ovation of the Seas is one of the largest cruises in the world


Ovation of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships in the world

Where is Ovation of the Seas?

Ovation of the Seas was on its way back to Australia after a trip to Singapore when several passengers became ill.

One passenger posted a video on Facebook that showed hallways sprayed by crew members in industrial cleaning suits after docking in Hobart, Tasmania. [19659002] The cruise is ready to leave the port on the Australian southern island later.

It is expected to arrive in Sydney, New South Wales, tomorrow.

How many passengers are on board the cruise? [19659007] The massive cruise – one of the lar gest in the world – carries more than 5,800 passengers.

It is understood that just under 200 of them got sick during the trip.

The unfortunate victims were killed with a mysterious vomit bug.

Fear grows for the girl, 15, who disappeared without money or her phone

What is vomiting? error?

A letter to passengers informing them of the outbreak describes a small percentage of hosts who have experienced gastrointestinal diseases, which are believed to be Noroviruses. "

But there has not yet been any official confirmation of the exact disease that is propagates through the ship.

In a video posted on Facebook, Royal Caribbean International, owner of the vessel, said that dozens had received over-the-counter gastroenteritis medications.

Tasmania's director of public health, Mark Veitch, He said that five people on the ship had been taken to the hospital but could not confirm if any of them were suffering from gastro.

Two hundred luxury cruise passengers fell down with diarrhea and vomit and thousands more of the ducks. sitting down after being docked in a bottomless brunch

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