Where is Matrix Streaming? Harry Potter? Fast and Furious? October 2020 franchise finder

A street movie. A brilliant self-conscious heir jerk. A tribute to The Great White Way. The eye-popping, toe-tapping adaptation of Charles Dickens and Robert Louis Stevenson. A science-fiction comedy stood out in a cosmic fantasy of the 1970s. A love-filled reboot from the generation that grew up with the first three films. Another brilliant self-conscious heir flick. Lovers, thanks for the dreams, and you, the Muppets are able to All of the above – and then some.

Who owns it? If only things precipitated as that standard rich and famous contract, Frogs and friends signed with World Wide Studios. When the Jim Henson Company sold the Muppets to Disney in 2004, the sale included some, but not all, of the character’s cinematic back catalog: The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Semper, Muppet Christmas Carol, And Muppet Treasure Island (The last two of which were co-produced with Disney). The Muppets Tech Manhattan (Produced in collaboration with Tristar Pictures) and Muppets From Space (Part of the Fiskul development deal with Sony) stayed at Sony.

Where is this streaming? To make matters more complicated, two Muppet movies were made by Disney in-house after the acquisition, the Muppets And Muppets Most Wanted, Just finished on Netflix. Disney-owned features have been on Disney + since the ’70s,’ 80s, and ’90s, while Showtime subscribers can stream The Muppets Tech Manhattan And Muppets From Space.


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