Where can you see the original "unresolved mysteries" with Robert Stack?

These days, true crime fans have many options. Netflix is ​​producing must-visit documents like Making a murderer, Murder Mountain, Y The innocent man Cable channels such as Investigation Discovery and Oxygen, aerial programs on murders and kidnappings practically non-stop. Podcasts like "My Favorite Murder" are in vogue. You could argue that they all have a debt to Unresolved mysteries.

When Unresolved mysteries Released in 1987, the real crime was not the ubiquitous genre it is today. But the show and its presenter Robert Stack helped turn crime, along with stories about ghosts and aliens, into entertainment.

Netflix plans to restart Unresolved mysteries

The original race of Unresolved mysteries It lasted until 1999, and new and updated episodes continued to air until 2010, although Dennis Farina eventually took over after the original host, Robert Stack, died. But even after the new episodes stopped being broadcast, the program remained popular, with a website that publishes updates about cases and an active Facebook community.

Now, the original producers are partnering with Netflix to reactivate the show. The broadcast service will broadcast a "modern version of the clbadic series" that "will keep the chilling sensation that viewers adore about the original." Twelve episodes are planned. Each will present a separate mystery or unresolved crime, and viewers will be asked to share any information they have that can help resolve the case.

Where to see the original Unresolved mysteries

The new episodes of Unresolved mysteries will try to recreate the disturbing environment of the original series, which highlighted stories of unsolved murders, missing persons, ghosts, lost loves and inexplicable phenomena. While the memorable theme will be heard, one thing you will not have is the iconic presenter Robert Stack, whose threatening narrative ended up being a big part of the show's appeal. But fans of the original can still see the old episodes.

If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, you can transmit 12 seasons of the hosted stack Unresolved mysteries free. You can also watch all the original episodes with free Stack in Tubi or PlutoTV.

Exciting news about unsolved mysteries! Before the restart stops, capture the original series on Pluto TV CH 506! https://t.co/WqoZA3mT8p # unsolved mysteries pic.twitter.com/AFeYs6SIlh

– Pluto TV (@PlutoTV) January 18, 2019

Hulu subscribers can broadcast a season of the program.

Did Unresolved mysteries Does it really help the police catch criminals?

During its original journey, Unresolved mysteries He made it clear that it was entertainment, not serious journalism. A disclaimer even reminded viewers that "it was not a news broadcast." But despite Hokey's stories about UFOs and crop circles, the program made a genuine effort to obtain information about real-life crimes that viewers could help solve. Perhaps surprisingly, the program was very successful in generating clues that did just that. (You can still share tips about old cases online).

According to the program's website, around 50% of the cases of wanted fugitives were resolved, most of them with the help of advice from the spectators. In addition, more than 100 separated family members met after their stories were broadcast.

After an episode was broadcast, a hotel maid notified the police about the whereabouts of a runaway scammer. In another, the advice of the spectator leads to the arrest of a man suspected of a murder that occurred 17 years earlier. Perhaps the restart of Netflix has a similar success in the resolution of cold cases.

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