When you hit ‘Genshin Effect’ Paywall?

I have been increasing the qualities of Genshin Impact throughout the week in view of its launch, and every time I say something positive about it, I get the same response. “When do you pay?”

This is a completely valid question. It is, after all, a free-to-play RPG that makes its money through a Gaucha system for pulling 3-5 star characters and weapons. So yes, you would imagine that at some point, the game is being heavily influenced that it is time to pay, if you do not stop outright in your tracks.

Is this? Not necessary. I’ve hit a wall with Genshin, but not per paywall. But first, I should note that I have completed about 20 hours of games this week, spending exactly $ 0 on the game.

  • Nine characters unlocked, four games give you, five free catches as part of the game launch bonus
  • Four characters at level 40 XP, current max until I can cultivate to re-plow the material. I just can’t pay for the content
  • Two level 40 arms, again, same process with ascension
  • Adventure Rank 24 (Like your overall game level)
  • Complete map clear and every telephone found

It is around this time that I have started to hit a progress wall and the game is slowing down. But this is not due to me needing to pay to get a better character to take on difficult enemies, the way you can imagine. With 40 Traveler / Jianling / Razor / Barbara Squad at my level I can literally land any enemy on the map. that is not the point.

Rather, the wall is the adventure rank system where to continue the main quest, you need to hit certain levels to progress. You get XP from Exploration and Sidequest which is how I got so quickly, but now, it’s slowing down because I’m running short on both of those things.

Now I can make progress:

  • Continuing the quest, as opening random world chests you will find Adventure XP which will increase over time.
  • Check back every day to play with the new daily missions that Adventure XP gives
  • Using the “resin” system to cultivate repetitive missions from world masters to dungeons.

That last bit is where if * in the game * is a pevalue, it is closest to it. It works like a mobile game where you have a certain amount of energy every day that you burn through certain types of missions. It will refill over time, but to refill it immediately, you’ll need to spend gems on it. Now, you can earn gems, but you will certainly be tempted to burn those gems. So in theory, you can refill them with cash purchases and cultivate missions and adventure XP that come endlessly, raising your rank in such a way. But it is not that there is no viable option that you can do for free, it is just slow.

Again, at least for now, the actual gambling aspect of this does not seem to impede you at all. Like yes, I absolutely want to land a 5 star Diluch or Venti on the ground, and yet my current squad that I have collected for free is doing great and I love them.

The final point I’m making is that this is a Gacha game, which doesn’t seem like a Gacha game most of the time. There is a tremendous amount of free material here, and more will be added in the coming years as new areas. The combat is a blast, and you are not restricted by stupid methods like inventory space that other games of this genre can try to pull off.

Eventually, you can start spending money to move faster after experiencing the recession. And yet there is a lot to do every day for free to help you move forward. Nothing about the paid mechanics of this game is stopping me from continuing to recommend it, even in this one.

and now? It is time to spare some money to reward the developer for his hard work. Stay tuned for what goes tomorrow.

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