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Respawn Entertainment has made it clear that they want Apex Legends to be available for all consoles, But how patiently will the Nintendo Switch players have to wait to play?


Apex Legends is already competing with Fortnite and PUBG, it only says after its release.

Unfortunately, however, all we have now is speculation. The game is in its early stages, that's clear, so nothing has been confirmed in terms of signing an agreement with Nintendo to appear on its Switch console.

Respawn has made clear his intentions to give everyone the opportunity to play Apex Legends, a spokesman said. EuroGamer They plan to "allow players to play with their friends on other platforms".

When asked specifically about bringing the game to Mobile and Switch, the leading producer of Respawn said there is "nothing" [they] Currently you can talk about ".

Seeing how things developed with Fortnite, the biggest competitor of Apex Legends, is the only real yardstick for the situation at this time. Epic Games launched its game in July 2017 and it took until September 2018 to make the cross game available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, after Sony dragged its heels.

More in relation to the situation of Switch, it took until June 2018 for Epic and Nintendo to agree on an agreement that made the game reach its final console, almost a year after the game's release.

By making such a big statement from the beginning about the cross game and wanting to let as many people play it as possible, you could imagine that it will not be a long and lengthy process for Respawn.

However, nothing has been confirmed at this stage while the developer continues working on the initial launch of the game.

Maybe talking about Apex Legends jumping onto a new platform could soon be seen as an illusion, but it could be argued that the game has been revealed so boldly that fans have dared to dream.

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