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When the Pope turns 81, children have fun with songs, dances and 13-foot pizza

A group of children who received assistance from St. Martha's Dispensary of the Vatican, a pediatric and maternal clinic, had given the Pope a birthday party on December 17 marked with singing, dancing and a cake decorated with fondant decorations of gold and white. 19659002] They also threw a big pizza with just one candle lit. The Pope joined several children in the clinic and counted them before putting out the candle.

"Eat the 4-meter pizza: eat well, it will do you good and it will make you grow," the Pope told the children.

The Pope said that his joy was a gift and is like "a good land that makes life grow with good fruits".

"Do not sadden children When children see that there are problems at home, that their parents are fighting, they suffer," he said. "They should always grow with joy."

After meeting the children, Francisco greeted some 25,000 pilgrims in the Plaza de San Pedro for his Sunday Angelus address.

After reciting the Angelus prayer, the Pope was about to greet several individual groups present in the plaza before the crowd erupted singing "Happy Birthday."

Touched by the gesture, the Pope said: "Thank you very much, thank you very much."

Celebrating the third Sunday of Advent On Gaudete Sunday, Francis invited Christians to prepare for the coming of Christ through "constant joy, persevering prayer and continuous thanksgiving"

"Joy, prayer and gratitude are the three attitudes that prepare us to live Christmas in an authentic way, "the Pope said before inviting the crowd to repeat the words:" Joy, prayer and gratitude. "

Francis also blessed the statues of the child Jesus who will be at the center of the Nativity scenes in the schools, churches and homes of Rome.

Addressing the child The Pope said: "When you pray at home, in front of the nursery with your family, you will be attracted by the tenderness of the child Jesus, who was born poor and fragile in our midst". to give us his love This is the true Christmas. "

With Christmas just around the corner, the Pope also met with members of the Italian section of the Catholic Action children's section, groups of young parishioners, among 4 and 1

4 years, for his – Christmas Audience with them.

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