When and how to download the latest game

The next Monster hunter Surprisingly, the experience comes exclusively to Nintendo Switch.

Monster hunter rise will bring players to the village of Kamura as hunters track and eliminate monsters to save their home from the monstrous Magnamalo. New features like Wirebug and the addition of canine Palimutes make Monster hunter rise one of the funniest Monster hunter experiences that I have had in some time.

You can read more about my experience with the game in our review.

Of course, if you are reading this, you are probably ready to dive into Monster hunter rise as soon as possible and you want to know when exactly the title will be available for download on the Nintendo eShop. Read on for all the pertinent information about launching Monster Hunter Rise.



Monster hunter rise It will be released on Friday, March 26, but as with previous Nintendo titles, the exact timing can be difficult to pin down.

According to Nintendo’s official support page, certain games will be available to play starting at 12am ET on the game’s release date. It also states that some third-party titles won’t be available until 3am ET on their release dates.

Monster hunter riseAlthough it is a third-party title, it is a timed Nintendo Switch exclusive, so it should appear on the Nintendo eShop as soon as possible. However, certain launches have not been available at exactly 12am ET. We suggest being patient, as it will normally appear shortly after midnight.

We will update this section if we get confirmation or more information on the exact time of the launch.


To download any Nintendo title, including Monster hunter rise, players must enter the Nintendo eShop with a good internet connection. New titles usually appear on the front page, but buyers can also search for the title manually.

Once you’ve purchased it, you can quickly download the game onto your Nintendo Switch.


While waiting for the full release, players can download the second Monster hunter rise manifestation.

This demo includes missions to kill Great Izuchi, Mizutsune, or Magnamalo up to 30 times. You can hunt with up to four players online. However, once the remaining attempts are exhausted, all five types of missions, including the Basic Training Mission and the Wyvern Riding Training Mission, will no longer be available.

It should also be noted that your progress cannot be carried over to the full game, but this will be a great way for hunters to learn the basics.

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