‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans weren’t laughing after Pat Sajak made fun of contestant’s lisp

Long time Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak found himself in trouble after Monday’s show for taunting a contestant. Sajak has recently come under fire from fans for his unique style of condescending comedy, which some believe is too petty.

During player introductions, Sajak mimicked contestant Chris Brimble’s speech impediment. Brimble lisps. After describing what he does for a living, instead of saying “I see”, Sajak said, “Me to you.”

While the joke drew some laughs from members of the production and off-camera contestants, some fans weren’t laughing. Several viewers took to Twitter to share their dismay and disappointment at Sajak’s comment.

Despite being teased, Brimble seemed to have a good time and even went home with a good deal of change. While he failed to advance to the bonus puzzle, he did win $ 12,250. It even gained a few Twitter guardians along the way.

Wheel of Fortune is a syndicated program that airs Monday through Friday. Please visit the program site for local time and channel listings.

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