WhatsApp rolls out self-destructing messages

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Good news for WhatsApp users, who want to keep their chat history a little less permanent: company Announced A new “missing message feature”, which will start rolling out for this Over one billion IOS and Android customers are rolling out worldwide today.

Feature allows whatsapp In a one-on-one conversation To set any new message to disappear automatically after seven days. for Group chat, the administrator of that group will have control over whether to set those messages to stick forever or to be erased after a period of one week.

Announcing the new feature in a corporate blog post, a spokesperson wrote, “It is great to handle the memories of friends and family, but what we send is destroyed forever.” “Our goal is to make the conversation on WhatsApp feel as close to the person as possible, meaning they shouldn’t stick around forever.”

It is worth noting here whether these messages will end, whether the person at the other end reads them or not, the company Explained, And that includes any media – such as Photos and VideosSent under the same timer. WhatsApp said that messages in these chats can still be screenshot or forwarded, meaning that they can float around even after they are out of that seven-day range.

Many messaging apps are either baked together, or go on to add similar self-destruct features. majority of Give users some flexibility How long the message should last at least five seconds on the signal. according to this Techcrunch, This is whatsapp It may also be with a timer, which may be a smaller – or compared to its current – size-fits-all approach. A spokesperson told him that the company would “monitor the feedback,” and see if it needed adjustments in the future.

“For now we’re starting with seven days, because it seems like a good balance between the usefulness needed for global text-based interaction and the feeling of things not sticking around forever,” he said.


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