WhatsApp postpones its controversial policy update

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After trying – and using failure to counter public outrage a series Of obviously Well-intentioned Tweets, Whatsapp Announced On Friday it will postpone its plans to implement an implementation of controversial changes to its privacy policy.

The original plan that was launched by WhatsApp in a hurry Earlier this month It has been said that countless users will need to agree to the new wording or risk closing their account by 8 February. Now, users have until May 15.

It is unclear what WhatsApp is expecting in the next few months.. partially Because whatsapp is over Misrepresentation What exactly was this update Actually Updating, countless users were left under the impression that Facebook would be gaining access to Snoop via its WhatsApp chat (this will not happen), Or WhatsApp will disclose your banking information to its parent company (not again) is.

While Facebook execs were trying to harm Twitter’s strict control system, data authorities Many countries Was inspired to open investigations into the app’s data-sharing practices, and Once die hard WhatsApp partner flooded encrypted chat app signal and telegram record number. Signal – riding high with your fist Elon Muskhad to face First several outages Heyn Friday Just because it was not designed to handle the influx of new users.

The issues trying to reduce WhatsApp here are what they are for Many news outlets-Gizmodo included—Hard initially dingedThat stage: BThe Y portrays these policy updates in broad strokes and gives users a few weeks to react on top of it, with WhatsApp putting an end to countless users. In the next three months, there are plans to do “a lot more” to set the record When WhatsApp handles its users it may be a bit less clear during discussion Privacy and Security.

As the ledge Tells, After the completion of the new deadline, WhatsApp will still try to implement these controversial policies in the same way. Instead Hit the shoe In an unqualified policy update on the phones of countless people, WhatsApp says it will “slowly” reach people and let them review policies “at their own pace”.

If WhatsApp maintains its current comics strategy, However, this is enough tell, It is only to see more exile by that time.


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