WhatsApp limits the forwarding to combat misinformation

Facebook WhatsApp is taking action against the spread of misinformation and false news on its platform. Fake news has long been a big problem on WhatsApp, even though they have not really received much attention from the technology industry.

In countries such as India and Brazil, erroneous information is disseminated using WhatsApp and is believed to have affected elections in the past. WhatsApp is now limiting the number of referrals per message to only five users / groups, which means that those who use WhatsApp to spread misinformation now will be quite limited. You could forward a message to up to 20 users / groups at a time in the past.

The company told Reuters that the limitation is in action to help combat the spread of rumors and misinformation after the platform became a weapon in the political battlefield in Brazil. Being able to forward a message to a maximum of 5 people at a time is still enough if you think about it, so the erroneous information about WhatsApp will not disappear in the short term. This is a good opportunity, but it could be said that it is not enough.

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