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WhatsApp has confirmed user privacy after backlash with data sharing on Facebook

After changing its terms and privacy policy to strengthen important data partnerships with Facebook, WhatsApp is now reassuring users about the privacy measures built into its app.

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Last week, WhatsApp began giving users information about the app’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The updated agreements, which users must agree to continue using WhatsApp, explicitly provide large amounts of user data to parent company Facebook. While WhatsApp has shared some user data with Facebook for years, this update consolidates data sharing for all users, including those who opted in to share data with Facebook in the past .

The updated terms help WhatsApp to become more intimately connected to Facebook’s family of products, as it aims to provide a more consistent experience to users across services, and allows the company to display targeted ads to all users Enables access to the information collected. The widely reported change was met with outrage on social media, leading to a halt to download rival messaging app Signal, and even sparked a no-confidence investigation in Turkey.

Via posts on social media, WhatsApp is now assuring users that “our privacy policy updates do not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family.” It has also been added to its FAQ to address users’ privacy concerns related to data sharing with Facebook.

The FAQ states that WhatsApp and Facebook cannot see a user’s private messages or listen to their calls. The logs for sending and calling messages to users are not maintained and the shared space, contact information and group membership are kept private.

WhatsApp suggests that the majority of data sharing with Facebook is from communicating with businesses that use hosting services from Facebook or after using Facebook-branded commerce services, such as shops. Targeted ads shown to users can have either results.

However, it is worth noting that WhatsApp has mostly focused on what data is not shared with Facebook, but rather what is. As a general question, the update does not accept the update policy, WhatsApp shares device and interaction information, IP address and unspecified “other information” with Facebook.


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