WhatsApp can autodet messages after seven days

If you turn on the option, the WhatsApp message will disappear automatically.


Facebook’s WhatsApp announced on Thursday that it was rolling out a new feature that would allow users to automatically delete messages after seven days.

This is another example of Facebook trying to improve privacy in its products. WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide and already features end-to-end encryption, making it harder for people to hack and watch conversations.

If you turn it on, the new feature will automatically delete old messages after seven days. Anyone in chat can activate it, or in group chat an administrator can enable the option, but it is turned off by default.

WhatsApp said it settled on the seven-day expiry period because it gives people enough time to look at recent messages and re-watch, but also remove their permanence. If the message is in the inbox, a backup is made, it will still be visible in the backup file. In addition, if you have enabled auto-download for photos and videos, those files will not be automatically deleted from chat from your device.

WhatsApp said that the feature is coming to an end in the coming weeks.

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