What’s hot with Ohio State football: Urban Mayor’s return after COVID, the nation’s best win streak, the Buckeyes want to play

Columbus, Ohio — Five things I’m thinking about Ohio State football, even the Buckeyes have The scheduled game against Maryland was canceled on Saturday. Because of COVID cases among players for terrapins.

1. Urban mayor returns after COVID

College football was almost one of its biggest active coaches this season with COVID-19. Actually, there were two close calls. First, Alabama coach Nick Saban had a faux positive test in late October, which led to him being cleared by enough negative tests before he missed the Crimson Tide’s game with Georgia. Then, another veteran coach came down with COVID – but he was no longer coaching.

Former Ohio coach Urban Meyer told WBNS-TV in Columbus this week that the reason the Fox College Football pregame show was not planned for last week was because he tested positive.

“I just recently considered it,” Meyer told sports anchor Dom Tiberi, confirming that his middle child, Gigi, was also through a positive COVID test. “I was relatively symptom-free.”

Meyer has dropped the Buckeyes from coaching in his second year, leaving his position after the 2018 season. He is now a key player on the Fox Big Noon kickoff show, and he said that the show will return to normal Saturday.

Several active college coaches have tested positive this season, including Dan Mullen of Florida, Mike Norwell of Florida State, Les Miles of Kansas, Haram Edwards of Arizona State, Sam Pittman of Arkansas, Paul Kristen of Wisconsin and Jeff Bro of Purdue Are included. Other key college figures, including Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo and ESPN announcer Desmond Howard, have also tested positive recently. But you can guess how it would have been for the Ohio State football coach to test positively.

That would have been some news. Instead, Mayer said he felt well and ready to leave. While the Buckeyes canceled their game against Maryland this week, the Buckeyes themselves did not face major COVID issues due to positive tests in Maryland as the Big Ten season began on October 24.

Ohio State’s win over the Rutgers last week was the 19th-most regular-season win for the Buckeyes.Getty Images

2. A Big Win streak

Of the 124 major college teams that have played at least one game this season, 22 are yet to lose. Of those 22, Ohio State has the longest regular winning streak in the nation, back to Purdue loss on October 20, 2018. The Buckeyes have won 19 regular-season Game since then.

Clemson drew the longest streak in 36 regular-season wins before falling to Notre Dame last week in a loss to Syracuse on October 13, 2017. Among the OSU winning stripes recently, the Buckeyes won 25 straight Regular-season games in late 2011 from Michigan through Virginia Tech loss in Week 2 of 2014. They also win 28 straight Regular-season game from a loss to Penn State on October 8, 2005 through a loss to Illinois on November 10, 2007.

If the Buckeyes are undefeated this regular season, leaving no more games, they will appear in 23 regular season games. The following season, they would have to defeat Minnesota, Oregon, Tulsa, Akron and Nebraska to that streak of 28, and then beat Purdue at 29.

3. Ohio State wanted to play

Ryan Day said on his radio show Thursday that the Buckeyes would have scheduled a last-minute replacement for the Maryland game that was canceled Wednesday afternoon if the Big Ten had allowed it. We know that adding a non-conference game was a no-go – Nebraska wanted to play Chattanooga when Wisconsin had to cancel in Week 2 and was shot down. For a vigilante league that took place for the first time in non-conference games months ago, no one was allowed to play outside the conference.

However, I believe that if a second Big Ten game had been canceled this week, Buckeyes would have jumped at the chance to play. For instance, if Northwestern had an outbreak and was not able to face Purdue on Saturday. I bet that Bakayers would have worked hard, and successfully, and Purdue would have agreed, and Boilermakers and Bakaye would have played instead.

We have evidence that this can happen, thanks to a vigilante conference as the Big Ten. In the Pac-12, Arizona State had positive tests that canceled its game against UCLA, and did the same in Utah and had to cancel its game with Cal. result? UCLA and Cal face the Rose Bowl on Sunday at 9 am Pacific time.

4. No duty

Maryland closed the game before hitting the Big Ten limit of positive tests for a mandatory cancellation. Why do this? Well, the team was quarantine together at an off-campus hotel on Thursday, trying to prevent further positive tests. You cannot practice while you are doing this.

There was some resentment among the Ohio State media about the move, and Day was asked on Thursday whether the Terrapins should have been forced to cancel the game, rather than cancel it. Dey said he was focusing on football and leaving those discussions to Eddie Jean Smith and OSU President Christina Johnson.

“I left them and let them work, because there were not enough hours in the day,” said Dey. “But I hear what you’re saying, and I think you got a valid point.”

But here are the most valid points. Schools are trying to be as safe as possible. Big Ten is working together through this. Is it not a game or a win for the Buckeyes has no effect on their college football playoff opportunities. And you don’t want a team taking a risk that doesn’t feel comfortable taking it because it’s trying to avoid a counterfeit loss. Therefore a foffit will not help anyone.

Nicolas Petit-Frere (78) has plenty of reasons to celebrate this season.AP

5. More Petit-Frere

We have written some time ago about dealing with Nicolas Petit-Frere. But he deserves it. In our survey of Ohio State’s text subscribers this week (see the 14-day free trial trial at 614-350-3315), Petit-Frere was the winner of the contest for Most Improved Bakay this season.

In his first season as a starter, Petit-Frere said that he felt the power of the added weight that he had up to 315 pounds, and helped his team win as a key part of the offense. Is realizing the additional investment of doing. And he knows everyone, including his teammates, how well he is playing.

“I think so,” Petit-Frere said this week. “I just try to focus on playing the game as hard as we can to help it win the game.”

At this rate, helping Ohio State win will also help him. If he keeps it up then he is ready to deal with the first team All-Big Ten.

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