What’s happening in Apex Legends at April Fool’s? Leak Reveals Gun Surprises

A new Apex Legends leak has revealed what’s coming to battle royale for April Fool’s Day, and it looks like it’ll be quite fun, and perhaps even a bit annoying, live up to the spirit of the day.

In recent years, multiplayer games have leaned more and more towards the spirit of April Fools’ Day with fun and unique pranks.

Some April Fool’s Day jokes have completely changed the way a game is played, if only for a day, while some have been pretty harmless as well. For example, Overwatch once made a change where all messages in the game were sent in uppercase.

Last year, Respawn joined in the fun with a gold version of the Mozambique, and it looks like they’ll be making a comeback this year too, with a few additional extras.


Golden Mozambique has a huge impact on April Fools Day.

Changes to Apex Legends April Fool’s Day

According to the trusted Apex Legends leaker ShrugRespawn will bring the golden Mozambique back this year, as well as adding a gold version of the P2020 pistol that will deal 190 damage if you’re riding a zip line.

Additionally, Shrugtal noted that “many” gold weapons will also be added. This could be Respawn again leaning on something they did last year, increasing the drop rate of certain weapons to get everyone involved in the prank.

However, meme weapons aren’t the only additions. The leaker also noted that there will be Airhorns and loot balls falling from the sky. That can make things annoying for some, but it should also give us some fun moments.

Since these changes will be for April Fools’ Day, you will have to visit Apex on April 1 to experience them; otherwise, you will lose them and have to wait another year.

However, if you are a fan of constant changes, the next War Games event, which is supposed to start at the end of April, will bring regular changes to the playlist. So you can also check it.

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